Driving, on a road to nowhere

In Short Cuts by Jonathan Humphrey

Some days you just fancy, driving, using your car, like the old days, open roads, glorious scenery, pining for the fjords. Driving somewhere, just somewhere different, not just the regular commute to the office, an epic route, a grand tour, a trip to remember, a real road-trip, you have the car, why not use it.

The bright folks at TomTom have now added the best driving routes in Europe to their satnav.

What’s more, you don’t have to sit and plan; the routes are there to download, pack your bags, find the destination on your TomTom, fuel up, get your best driving tracks, press the start button and hit the road.

Easily downloadable, each route can only be described as epic. From Portugal’s Estoril Ocean drive to The Stelvio Pass – Italy, from Snowdonia Park – Wales to the Atlantic Ocean Road – Norway and the back of beyond.

Not all the routes are even that far, as I sit here writing this in Bournemouth, the New Forest route is just up the road and I will be checking it out. For next summer, euro exchange rate, permitting maybe some of the more exotic options.

For a UK staycation trip, TomTom rates the Inverness to Cairn circular in Scotland as the most amazing out of the 25 routes that are available, I am not sure on that but willing to find out one day. Some of the choices shouldn’t be taken too lightly, as I am sure they will include dangerous hairpins, colossal drop offs and falling boulders, and at certain times of year inclement weather. However, it’s all the stuff adventures are made of.

I have had the opportunity of doing some epic drives throughout my lifetime, fortunately children and carsickness free. It still seems there are many, many more miles to go. If only we could get to most of them without the epic traffic en route and perhaps when you get there.

Which one would you pick, choose wisely, ensure your car is serviced, brakes , tyres checked – Drive safely…!

VISIT : http://tomtom.com/en_gb/scenic-routes/

Words by

Jonathan Humphrey

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After many, many years of being passionate about cars, spending too much money on cars and too much time driving. I now spend my time running and developing Drive.co.uk and creating a bold expressive new motoring lifestyle website.

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