Nissan Cubes, Retro, Beer and Football!

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Having only recently started seeing these Cubes , I really enjoy seeing the latest of these highly styled and retro cars we are getting on our roads. Would be interested to know who wants one? I have always liked the new/now old style Beetle and had on in lime green for my business. I have purchased two Multiplas from new, the last one, a diesel did 170k miles with no real problems. The Fiat Multipla surely one of the best of the people carriers for its individuality and looks before they tidied it up and spoilt the design, I loved its’ early dolphin’ looks. More images of the Nissan Cube –outspan car based on mini front head-on viewThese cars always do bring me back to the similarities and uniqueness of some of the cooler promotional vehicles around, remember this one? The Outspan car, which I believe is now in Beaulieu Motor Museum based on a Mini and built between 1972-74 the alcohol inspiration and creation of Brian Waite. I wonder what the cars manufacturers could really do now if we got them all in a room and drunk together. I think the potential of some really fun and exciting electric is coming, just not sure about the cost of electricity yet! Ok, now we have Red, Blue and the Ball. All we need now is some grass and we could have a Chelsea / Man utd GameOk 3.30 Kick off!… Have a good match!Grass Car front view

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