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Wherever, whatever. The Range Rover Sport SVR proves its mettle over all types of terrain.

The latest Land Rover Terrain Response 2 gives the maximum traction and acceleration on gravel, grass, sand or snow. On each run even using the same standard Michelin 275/45 R21 All Season Tyres. The recorded speeds on all surfaces were devastating.

The Range Rover Sport SVR with its 550hp V8 power is their fastest vehicle, sales commenced in Feb 2015 and already 1000 have been delivered to UK customers. Drivers are attracted by the 0-62mph time of 4.5 seconds. but this Range Rover Sport offers a lot more than any driver would really want to execute in their prized offroader.

The intelligent offroad system automatically selects the appropriate mode to suit traction conditions. Settings include: General Driving, Dynamic, Grass/Gravel/Snow, Mud and Ruts, Sand, and Rock Crawl. Drivers can also use a simple rotary controller to select specific modes.

The Range Rover Sport SVR is a product of the Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations division. They are responsible for the creation of high performance production models within Land Rover and Jaguar. So far these have been low-volume, high-value limited edition models and vehicle personalisation products. The future looks bright.

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