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We all think we are the best driver, BMW provided an opportunity to prove it.

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The search for the Ultimate driver began with an online interactive game.The BMW Ultimate Driver, entrants drove virtual interactive laps, with over 7000 wannabes entering the competition through social media and electronic devices. The top 40 drivers were selected to take it further in BMW 2 Series Coupes on a series of track events. I was missed off the list.

Jake Humphrey and Andy Priaiulx, BMW brand ambassadors egged the competitors on to push them to their limits throughout the trials. The video shows the diversity and extreme nature of the events they were involved in driving. Events were created to test – control, speed, handling, acceleration, braking, drifting and stopping.

Sheer grit and determination was high on the list as the drivers tackled the events head on, surprised at the opportunities presented and their driving skills really being pushed to the limit. Many had the best driving day they have ever had. Driving on a track for the first time can be the most exhilarating experience. I have not yet managed to try a drifting event and clearly on the video this was one to experience. In a hot performance BMW it could only be better.

BMW wanted drivers to show the passion for driving and the ultimate passions for their cars.  Duncan Smart won the competition to become the BMW Ultimate Driver. The prize from BMW gave Duncan the chance to drive the entire range of new BMW models released this year. His prizes starts with the sporty BMW M4 and M3 being driven by him in Austria. Check out the video and safe driving.

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