Drive Your Bentley to Bed fine Furniture from the Bentley Home Range

Drive your Bentley to Bed

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The latest from the New Bentley Home Collection

All the inspiration and renowned craftsmanship  characterising the interior of the modern Bentley in a range of furniture for your home, with the exacting design of one of Europe’s leading furniture makers.

  • Unique quilted diamond pattern inspired by interiors of Bentley models

  • Sophisticated seating options include sofas and chairs

  • Colours palette features ivory and taupe

This exclusive collection blends the finest elements of traditional and modern design, an exercise in subtlety rather than showmanship, incorporating functional performance with comfort and luxurious, sensuous quality. It captures the elan of the Bentley driver, through items that mirror the impeccable quality and attention to detail which is a landmark of the Bentley brand.

The new Bentley Home Collection includes the following new pieces:


The bodies of the new Richmond pieces are created with an embracing double shell and can be covered in either leather or a fine veneer of burr walnut. The same wide selection of veneers which is available for Bentley car customers is also available for most pieces in the collection. The wood is then carefully matched to a padded structure covered in a sophisticated light cashmere. The seating reflects the level of comfort and luxury found in the Crewe-based marque, which makes it unique in its class.

The colour palette is composed of varying neutral tones of ivory and taupe matched with shades of beige and cream. Intricate details such as the leather braid around the contours highlight the soft and sinuous lines. The iconic quilted diamond pattern embossed in the leather interiors of a Bentley has also been interpreted into the unique designs of the furniture.

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