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The Genesis GV70 SUV, almost has it all

In Car Reviews, Genesis by Tom Scanlan

‘It’s got everything you want and more!’ The Genesis GV70 (which, starting at £39,450, is the Korean marques’ leading seller) is a mid-size SUV that attracts the eye both outside and in its interior. Particularly in the spacious cabin, there are so many touches that illustrate what can be achieved by, well, artists of design. My favourites are the door …

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MG5 EV LR, pretty impressive for £28,995

In Car Reviews, Electric, Electric cars, MG by Neil Lyndon

“Nice car,” was my friend’s verdict on the new MG5 EV SW… As I have written before in this space, I drive this guy to an exercise class every Friday. Because he needs a new car, I always make a point of picking him up in my test car for the week. He takes a detailed interest in the build …

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Ford Focus ST – Have fun and you will!

In Car Reviews by Tom Scanlan

Ford does it so well! and the Focus ST just raises the bar. Yes, 280 bhp from the 2.3-litre, four pot is the start-point for a study of the Focus’ potential…it’s obviously going to be a real goer! But, less easy to assimilate, perhaps, is how it will feel inside the car and out on the road. Here’s the answer: …

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Genesis G80 AWD, an elegant, polished performer

In Car Reviews, Genesis by Maggie Barry

DO not let the kids sit in the back of the Genesis G80 My goodness, the version I was driving even had individual screens on the rear of the front seats. For them, it is a joy. For you, it would be a mistake – a big mistake. You see, in the rear there is also a command dial to …

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Just Launched – All-New Kia Sportage, better than ever

In Car Reviews, Hybrid, Kia by Tom Scanlan

Which one of the All-New Kia Sportage would you go for? At first site it does seem obviously bigger…30 millimetres, in fact…and, on first impressions, even better in many ways. The last model, sold well, these latest Hybrid versions can only bring more potential with new customers moving towards electrification. I first drove the 1.6T-GDi ‘GT-line S’ 48V DCT AWD …

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Mazda3 GT Sport, the best in the family hatchback class?

In Car Reviews, Mazda by Neil Lyndon

There may come a point in your life at which you simply have to give in and say “Yes, I am a Mazda man”. In my long life, I have been enamoured of a succession of manufacturers to such an extent that they felt like an extension of my personality and identity. Maserati was one of the first when I …

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The Renault Arkana R.S. Line SUV, stylish and chic

In Car Reviews, Renault by Maggie Barry

We can always rely on the French to bring us something stylish and effortlessly chic to adorn our roads. Renault has been way ahead of the game since they introduced the all-electric Zoe to us nearly a decade ago and now they give us their first fully formed hybrid designed from the Tarmac upwards. The Arkana with its sleek coupé …

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Honda CR-V, always a great family SUV

In Car Reviews, Honda, Hybrid by Neil Lyndon

You see them everywhere, yet you probably never notice them. This car exists so far under the automotive radar that it’s almost subterranean. At the same time, however, it has a fair claim to being one of the best “soft-roader” SUVs on the market and one of the very best of all family cars, as it proves again with the …

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A fresh new look, the 2022 Suzuki S-Cross Hybrid SUV

In Car Reviews, Hybrid, Suzuki by Peter Nunn

Guess where the new shape Suzuki S-Cross Hybrid SUV fits in? The Suzuki’s mission in life is instead something more prosaic: that of a straightforward, good value SUV contender, filling a gap between the funky, ever loveable Jimny 4×4, Vitara and Across in Suzuki’s SUV 2022 line up. No flash, then, with the Suzuki S-Cross, a capable SUV player that’s …

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McLaren GT and 720S, yes please

In Car Reviews, McLaren, Supercars by Kieran Bicknell

The answer is always yes when you get an invite to drive two McLaren supercars back-to-back at the legendary Millbrook testing facility  Now, I’m no stranger to high-performance cars, but both the 720S, with 0-62mph in 2.8 seconds and the GT, with 3 seconds, completely blew any other cars I’ve driven out of the water in terms of sheer power, …