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Reviewed | The Renault Zoe GT Line

In Car Reviews, Electric cars, Renault by Neil Lyndon

As electric cars become a mainstream choice, we are now beginning to see second-generation models coming to market such as the New Renault Zoe GT Line It’s disorientating to recognise that the history of this particular five-door supermini now dates back nearly 20 years – with a three-seat concept having been shown at Geneva in 2005 and a production-ready version …

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Welcome to the Mazda MX-30, our first impressions of the electric SUV

In Car Reviews, Electric cars, Mazda by Tom Scanlan

SUVs are the way ahead and have been for some time; similarly, EVs are powering forward and will become more and more available over the coming years. So called ‘range anxiety’, when the driver is worried whether or not the car can be re-charged before the journey comes to an untimely end, is what the industry is grappling with. The …

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The all-electric Fiat 500e – Bellissima

In Car Reviews, Electric cars, Fiat by Maggie Barry

This latest Italian masterpiece is slightly longer and wider than the 2007 model, and strikingly, the Fiat badge on the grille has been replaced with a 500 badge so that you will know immediately this is the electric version. The Icon hatchback model I am driving has been blessed with 17ins diamond cut alloys and chrome side mouldings. Inside it …

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Citroën C4 – Initial impressions from the UK Launch

In Car Reviews, Citroen, Electric cars by Kieran Bicknell

Citroën’s creative designers have done something different and it’s a welcome breath of fresh air. Yes, the C4 is still recognisable as a Citroën product, and, yes, you can see some relation to the previous car. Still, the overall aesthetic is a new exciting, dynamic design, and it’s all the better for it. Most notably, that sweeping rear roofline is …

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Living with the Honda E

In Car Reviews, Electric cars, Honda by Kieran Bicknell

Fall in love every day with the highly likeable Honda e Suddenly, everything seems just that little bit better. You pre-heat this electric car before stepping out the front door via the key fob, knowing that the moment you set foot in its futuristic cabin the world will be toasty and warm once again, like having a duvet on four …

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DS 3 Crossback E-Tense, a premium EV

In Car Reviews, DS Automobiles, Electric cars by Maggie Barry

It takes craftsmen and women 45 minutes on the production line to hand-stitch the steering wheel of the DS 3 Crossback E-Tense. “We take our inspiration from the world of French haute couture,” said Kris Cholmondeley of DS Automobiles, the premium marque in the PSA range. It seeks to align its cars with the very best of French fashion, food, …

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Nissan RE-LEAF brings power to the people

In Electric, Electric cars, Nissan, Short Cuts by Jonathan Humphrey

A powerful solution to assist in the aftermath of natural disasters and emergencies. Nissan has built a revolutionary rugged EV concept of the LEAF electric car. A powerful solution to assist in the aftermath of natural disasters and emergencies. Nissan has built a revolutionary rugged EV concept of the LEAF electric car. The RE-LEAF is used as a mobile battery …

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Citroen all-new C4 and E-C4 online launch event

In Citroen, Electric cars, Short Cuts by Kieran Bicknell

With the Citroen brand having returned to form over the last six years, Citroen has streamlined their product range and ‘sharpened’ their brand ethos, which has resulted in a 30% growth in the last six years, meaning that Citroen currently sits atop the top 12 fastest-growing automotive brands in Europe. Government bills, climate action groups and emissions regulations have forced …