Citroen Revolte Concept Car

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REVOLTE: Luxury, ecology and a touch of cheek!

Citroën is once more proving its credentials as a bold forward-looking brand with the concept car REVOLTE, an ultra-chic city car combining luxury with a touch of cheek.

A compact city car, REVOLTE sidesteps the difficulties of dense urban traffic with a totally new approach to small car design. This bold, chic car opts for luxury with a touch of cheek, technology and glamour, power and verve.

With its iridescent, glossy colours, silky smooth textiles, and subtle, sophisticated materials, REVOLTE places passengers in a feminine, cosmetic setting, of bold and elegant design.

Spirited and lively, REVOLTE also has an eye on the future with its rechargeable hybrid drivetrain. This ecologically sound technology makes maximum use of electric mode and also contributes to the concept car’s agility.

Gloom, conformism and dullness are just not in REVOLTE’s vocabulary. Its personality and qualities lend colour to the city and to the world of luxury.

More broadly, REVOLTE reflects a concern with topical issues. Increasing urbanisation, new means of communication and the growing variety of mobility solutions show that we can expect the use of small cars to develop considerably. Mirroring changing social trends and lifestyles, small cars are taking on a new status and expanding their scope of action. Whether as economical cars, second cars, liaison vehicles or fashion accessories, small cars are attention-pullers that dare to be different. They offer particularly fertile ground for progress in automotive technology.

Citroën has long been a key player in the segment of small cars and has made them a preferred medium of expression. The latest events at the Marque are once more turning the spotlight on the small-car segment, with the launches of the new C3 and DS3.

REVOLTE, superbly transgressive, clearly distinctive


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