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It was four decades ago that BMW became the first automaker to help drivers sharpen their skills behind the wheel so they could get the best from BMW’s dynamic motors.

Tim Barnes-Clay spends the day at Oulton Park on a BMW M Experience
The initial BMW training event kicked off on April 22, 1977, and this was planned and supervised by the then embryonic BMW Motorsport GmbH.

With a preliminary turnout of just 15 people, aged from 45 down to just 22 years-old, BMW Driver Training programmes have ballooned massively in popularity since the year of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee 40 years ago. Now, thousands of motorists each year get professional tuition in on-track, on-road and off-road driving.

The age now starts from 11-years-old for the young driver programmes, but the purposes of them, both in 1977 and now, stays the same: to generate a perfect equilibrium between flawless cars and flawless driving skills.

For 2017, BMW UK has partnered with MSV Track Days and Shell V-Power to craft a contemporary series of awesome experience and driver training packages. Auto aficionados can now try out some of the finest motor racing circuits across Britain from Oulton Park in Cheshire, where we experienced it, to Brands Hatch in Kent.

The latest BMW M Experience gives you more on-track time than ever before. Activities consist of many elements, such as wet handling, where you can be taught dynamic driving in either the BMW M240i or BMW M140i and the M4 or M3. You’re also given track driving lessons where you can discover how to lessen your times in the latest BMW M range. What’s more, you get hot laps with a racing driver and you can improve your track skills with Racelogic video data analysis. This allows you to critique your drive and improve your technique.

If you’re looking for more variation, the BMW Range Experience can offer a blend of Bimmer track driving with an assortment of models, including off-roading in the X5 and hooning around in the BMW i8.

If that’s not enough, you get to take home your video footage from your laps in the M4. For a quick taster of what to look forward to, check out the video below.

The packages incorporate BMW hospitality with breakfast and lunch, or afternoon tea, depending on the timing of your session.

BMW Driving Experience Days cost from £495 and can now be booked online at – drivingexperiences.bmw.co.uk

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