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Epic Drive Coming Soon All-New Focus RS


I have just returned from the Global Reveal of the Ford Focus RS. The all-new Focus RS, the latest in a long line of memorable RS vehicles and the third iteration of the Focus RS. The RS legend was started in 1968 with the Ford 15M PS in Cologne, Germany. An old engine factory was the location selected for the event. The New car will also be built in Saarlouis, Germany.



Standing in the vast building we awaited our first tease of RS number 30, the new car to propel the brand onward once again. The event was set up with a historical collection of RS vehicles to peruse, from an Escort Mexico, Ford Capri RS to the hottest tuned Focus RS and RS200.

Another highlight of the day was Ken Block. A short film was presented to us showing Ken (professional rally driver, star of Gymkhana Films (you have to watch this) and now a consultant on the All-New RS). Driving the All-New RS hoofing around the very building we were in, and then arriving at the stage in an epic drifting fashion, doughnuts, burning rubber, and all, a complete Hoonigan. “Kill all tyres, Kill Em All!” a phrase from Kens Hoonigan Brand.

The New FocusRS is slated to be truly Global RS model. Powered by a 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine the car will deliver in excess of 320PS.  A Ford first will be at the addition of a new Ford Performance All-Wheel-Drive system with Dynamic Torque Vectoring. This car has all the bases covered for an ultimate fun to drive experience. No pricing and delivery details have been released, more information should become available at the Geneva Motor Show.

The presentation followed the reveal last month of the New Ford GT supercar. There is no slowing down in any areas of Ford’s expertise. The New racing umbrella name for the brand is now ‘Ford Performance‘ aiming to deliver 12 new performance vehicles by 2020, encompassing the ST, Mustang, RS and GT models.

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“The all-new Focus RS is a serious machine with high-performance technology and innovative engineering, setting a new benchmark for driving exhilaration on the road and track.”Raj Nair, Global Product Development at Ford

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