Skoda Octavia Hatch Green Line

Greener ŠKODA Octavia Hatch with just 85g/km and 88mpg

In Skoda by Jonathan Humphrey

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ŠKODA shows the latest addition to its acclaimed GreenLine range of environmentally advanced cars – the Skoda Octavia hatch GreenLine – available now

  • The New Skoda Octavia Powered by 1.6-litre TDI CR 110PS diesel engine
  • With a BiK rating of 13% for business user appeal
  • Priced at just £20,150 on the road

The Ultra efficient engine brings a combined fuel consumption as high as 88.3 mpg and ultra low CO2 emissions just 85g/km.

With its classic-yet-contemporary looks and onboard ‘Simply Clever’ solutions it’s packed with eco-technologies, low rolling resistance tyres which are inflated to a higher pressure than normal tyres to reduce friction with the road.

Start-Stop system comes a standard across the Skoda Octavia range. In addition, The Green Line Skoda Octavia captures energy normally lost during braking is recovered and used for battery recharging.

GreenLine badging is placed on the front grille and rear hatchback, while inside there is a GreenLine logo on the gearstick.

The 2014 ŠKODA Octavia GreenLine is on sale now priced £20,150.

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