How to Drive Smoothly by the IAM

How to Drive Smoothly by the IAM

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Britain’s top advanced driver, Peter Rodger explains an advanced driving technique

How to use IPSGA, to help you to drive as smoothly as possible:

  • Information. What’s going on all around you? Check your mirrors to work out the movements of other road users as well as keep an eye on the road ahead.
  • Position. After confirming it’s safe, take the best position for dealing with your manoeuvre. Usually that means position your vehicle to make sure that you have the best view possible.
  • Speed. Adjust your speed to prepare for what you’re going to do, before you get to the hazard.
  • Gears. Once you’re at the right speed, select the right gear. Adjust your speed early so that you have time to separate changing speed from changing gear.
  • Accelerate. Once you can see through the road ahead, if it is safe, accelerate smoothly – bearing in mind the road conditions (especially the road surface).

IAM : The Institute of Advanced Motorists chief examiner Peter Rodger said: “Preparation is key when learning to drive smoothly, with most things in life, and driving safely is no exception. You’ll make better progress through if you use this sequence, and can enjoy the feeling of driving smoothly away afterwards.”


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