Jaguar and the fastest man on skis

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Olympian Graham Bell aims to go over 160mph on skis with Jaguar as the lead technical partner for the New Guinness World Record attempt.


Graham five-time Olympian and not the TV presenter on the successful TV show “The Jump” ..well successful for watchers, not for entrants, with six injured this year.

Graham with the support of Jaguar and its engineers, facilities and its expertise in aerodynamics. is aiming to attempt to reach speeds of over 160 mph in his record attempt with a unique suit propelled by twin micro jets.

Currently, Graham is training for the record attempt by skijoring behind a Jaguar XE AWD at over 100mph in the Austrian Alps.

Graham Bell said “I approached Jaguar to become my lead technical partner due to their experience in aerodynamics and love of all things involving speed. As the lead technical partner in the attempt, Jaguar will provide the aerodynamic expertise to develop the Iron-Man-style suit I need, as well as helping me acclimatize to speed and external forces using high-performance vehicles including the Jaguar XE AWD – designed to provide maximum traction in adverse conditions including snow and ice.”

The car selected for the testing is the latest aluminium Jaguar XE AWD with its enhanced vehicle dynamics, it provides greater traction in intense weather conditions, making it a true all-weather sports saloon.

The record attempt will be made at Jaguar’s cold weather testing facility in Sweden in early 2017. The current World Downhill Speed Skiing World Record is currently held by Simone Oregon at 156mph although for what Graham is attempting there are no records held.

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