Jaguar C-X75 The Hybrid Supercar

In Jaguar by Jonathan Humphrey

50 years of the E-type Jag and more exciting times ahead at Jaguar. The Project C-X75 was originally a concept vehicle shown at the Paris Motor Show in 2010. The car named after 75 years of Jaguar.

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Jaguar have now confirmed the car will launch as a hybrid supercar. The road car will be using a state of the art small combustion engine with a powerful electric motor on each axle. The jet engines in the original concept have been put on hold for now to enable showroom reality in a sensible timescale, but Tata, Jaguar’s parent company has a significant stake in Bladon Jets – so developments are ahead. The C-X75 also mark Jaguars partnership on the project with Williams F1, This will bring their expertise in carbon fibre chassis development, aerodynamics and hybrid powertrain.

This supercar showcases Jag’s innovation in design and innovation and will stay true to the original concept.

Ian Callum, Director of Design at Jaguar. “This will be the finest looking and most innovative Jaguar ever produced. Even in the world of supercars, we can still produce the most beautiful.”

Even without the jet propulsion originally planned this new hybrid will offer staggering performance.

  • 0-60mph in less than 3 seconds
  • 0-100mph in 6 seconds
  • Top speed of over 200mph
  • 50km in all electric mode
  • ultra ligthwight carbon fibre chassis

The performance will match the fastest production cars, while delivering incredibly low emissions of less than 99g/km. All this tech will only be available as an exclusive limited edition. 250 will be built with prices from £700,000. Making this the fastest tax free and congestion charge exempt car.

View the video of the car on the Drivelifestyle YouTube channel.

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