Just back from Ford @ Bafta, but no Sienna Miller

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Ford of Britain hosted a well attended successful event last night at the Bafta in London Piccadilly.

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This wasn’t just the normal car event, not even a car to be seen apart from the funky new EcoSport and Focus ST strategically parked in the road across from the Venue. The event was to watch a series of films, including the latest RANKIN film with Sienna Miller for the #NewMustang.

A series of Ford commercials and short films were presented at BAFTA – British Academy of Film and Television Arts at 195 Picadilly.

Mark Ovenden, the FORD Chairman and Managing Director gave a positive summary of the bright position and how well placed Ford is across the world and in Britain. There was no doubt the company has been squeezed by the word recession, but now take a look where they are. Ford won 1% of the retail car market last year. Ford sell the very popular top two cars in the UK. The Fiesta with its multiple award winning ecoboost engines. The Focus, a staple family car and second on the list and the sixth most popular vehicle,  the new Transit, “Well placed to be the vehicle supporting the backbone of British Business in the recovery” said Ovenden.

Another short film was presented Ford @ Bafta. Ford looking ahead and you can watch a Fiesta get built in 86 seconds.

Ford with their #GoFurther campaign are now half way through upgrading their entire range. With a target of 25 new vehicles in 5 years. New models include the EcoSport a pumped up Fiesta SUV, almost available now. The fantastic #newmustang, I fortunately attended the worldwide launch of in Barcelona and can’t wait for this one. The Mustangs availability in the UK is yet to be announced. The exciting new car will be in right hand drive for the first time in 50 years. Another new car on the road very soon, the game changing Ford Tourneo Connect read our review.

The event was to present the popularity of the Ford range around the world from the Twenty Years of the Mondeo Man narrated by Ray Winstone,

The lovely Sienna Miller in the new RANKIN video for the #NewMustang (at the top of this page). I am not sure if it was the car or Sienna I liked the most….

and the Overland Adventure, Richard Creasey  the director producer was there and we watched the epic journey on the big screen.

Julie-Andrews-Seat-at-BaftaProbably the only downside to the whole evening was Sienna wasn’t actually there but I did get to sit in the seat behind Julie Andrews in the BAFTA cinema.

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