A Low Emission Range Rover, Don’t be ridiculous..

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Following on from the news that plug-in hybrid power options will be available, in all new Jags and Land Rovers from 2020.

A few years early, here’s the first one. The Range Rover Sport will now be available as a PHEV, (Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle), this is a real step forward to Land Rover’s goal.

The Range Rover Sport models have been upgraded across the range. On the outside, a dynamic, bold new grille and bumper, Matrix Pixel LED headlights. On the inside, a minimalist cabin with the new ‘Blade’ infotainment system with two HD 10-inch touchscreens and a new gesture sunblind that opens with the wave of a hand.

It makes a sensible alternative to the more conventional power options in the range and with 404hp and 640Nm of torque, performance is more or what you expect from the Range Rover Sport, 0-60mph in 6.3 seconds with a top speed of 137mph.

I would imagine this will be exceptional around town, but as would be expected from a PHEV, the electric range is only 31 miles. However using the battery power with the engine, the combined fuel economy can be up to 101mpg. On rapid chargers, the car can be charged in as little as 2 hours 45 minutes or on a regular socket 7 hours 30 minutes.

The car will have the ability to be driven on two modes Parallel, which will combine the petrol and electric optimising either battery or fuel economy or EV, electric only.

There is a neat a feature called PEO (Predictive Energy Optimisation) which will enable the car to optimise the use of power with electric and engine being used based on the GPS altitude data of the terrain, all very clever stuff.

So now with CO2 emissions of 64g/km, no longer can these gas guzzling brutes always be the bad guys.

“The new Range Rover Sport strikes a compelling balance between dynamic capability, passenger comfort and efficiency. The introduction of our advanced plug-in hybrid powertrain is a watershed moment in the history of our performance SUV”.Nick Collins, Vehicle Line Director, Jaguar Land Rover:

But if ‘Life in the fast-lane’, smelly and noisy is still for you, the highest powered, dirtiest and fastest Range Rover Sport SVR is now available. Faster and more agile than ever before it now has 575hp and 600Nm of torque from its massive 5.0litre supercharged V8 and hits 0-60mph in just 4.3 seconds with a top speed of 174mph. Its emissions are however a bit more of a concern 294g/km CO2.

First deliveries of the Updated Range Rover Sport will start from early 2018.

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