100 days to the cleanest cars ever.

In Manufacturers, Short Cuts by Jonathan Humphrey

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This doesn’t mean we are heading for days of clean dry weather with no Sahara dust. No, it’s now time for the car industry to step up to the plate again. To give us, the cleanest, lowest emissions vehicles ever in history.


This year from September 15th, in 100 days time, the toughest new car emissions standards come into force.

“With 100 days still to go until the new Euro-6 standard becomes mandatory, new car buyers are shifting to these next-generation vehicles. This is the result of huge investment from manufacturers in clean technology – and the quicker we get these Euro-6 cars onto the roads, the quicker we’ll see improvements in air quality.”Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive
So what does that mean? All new cars must boast Euro-6 tech, with over half of new cars buyers already opting for Euro-6 cars, manufacturers are already ahead of the game, these new cars are more efficient than ever.

So what’s Euro-6? It is the latest legislation applying to most new cars. From 1 September 2015, all new cars registered will be required to meet Euro-6 standards. In 1992, the first Euro-1 legislation was introduced for cars, trucks and buses, the EU has regulated this. Manufacturers have had to work on all aspects of car engines and exhausts, with major changes in development and further tweaking and tuning. This work has now led to the significant reduction of vehicle emissions: carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM). Euro-6 now means manufacturers have been required to meet these even more stringent targets being introduced.

Today at SMMT (The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders) test day, a key industry event where all the journalists test as many cars, as they can the latest Euro 6 cars, will be highly featured and I am missing it with my daughter off sick : (

For more information on how the automotive industry is working to lower vehicle emissions and improve air quality, visit the SMMT website

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