New Dynamic Peugeot 208 GTi with Enhanced Gti DNA

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Peugeot have just announced the re-birth of the GTI. Regenerating the DNA of the iconic Peugeot 205GTI of the past into the NEW Peugeot 208 GTi.

Following on from the successful Peugeot 208 being launched in June 2012, the supermini segment will be enhanced with a modern day GTi. A powerful car, economical and with low CO2 of just 145g/km.  A GTi for today. Having tested the Peugeot 208 just recently I enjoyed the elegant looks of the new 208 in a more economical version, a performance model can only enhance the desirability.

New owners of the 208 GTi will enjoy the stylish sophisticated material and colour choices, its on the road appearance will be slightly wider and chinkier 10mm at the front and 20mm at the rear. All the usual GTi extensions are added paying tribute to the illustrious 205 GTi. Additions to sills, wings and body work combined with a suitable set of performance wheels and tyres. A bold GTi logo and trapezoid double tailpipe.

The front of the GTi will feature eye catching signature halogen headlights and daytime internal LED lights. The front also includes a special GTi meshed grille. I really like the gloss black and chrome features on the 208 and they have been enhanced more on this car with a 3d effect chequered flag keeping it all stylish and sophisticated.

The interior details of the new Peugeot GTi feature new aluminium Peugeot sill plates. The dash includes the high mounted instrument panel incorporating an innovative and distinctive light signature. The LED functions of the headlamps are echoed and the dials are surrounded with satin chrome beads backlit by LEDs. The interior is detailed and sporty combining red, black and satin chrome with red GTi stitching throughout. The seats are full grain club Nappa leather with a caro weave cloth detailed with red. Pedals and footrest are aluminium with special Gti mats and a full grain perforated and red -stitched steering wheel and aluminium gear knob.

Marie Beaumont, Peugeot 208 GTi Dynamics Manager said: “The 208 was an excellent base for developing a sports hatchback. We have worked with particular attention on the steering response, the chassis dynamics and the rigidity of the suspension. The 208 GTi successfully combines performance, safety and driving pleasure.”

The passenger compartment is accented with carefully designed components. The vents, the side embellishments of the touchscreen, the dashboard decoration, the steering wheel insert, the seat belts, the front and rear door crossbars all blend with the same interior ambiance. The aluminium pedal bracket and footrest provide the final touch to this technological and refined interior.


The Peugeot GTi Legend, Peugeot always known for it mark in the history of motor sport. The Peugeot Marque’s DNA has the best genes for developing todays New GTi, the brief was a playful and chic sportscar, a contemporary interpretation.

The driving experience is assured with a 1.6-litre THP 200bhp petrol engine with a tuned and reworked exhaust system. Tuned suspension and steering with grip supplied by 205/45 tyres on 17″ diamond Carbon wheels. The cars gives a 0-62mph time in less than seven seconds with its maximum torque of 275Nm giving impressive acceleration throughout the gears.

The Peugeot 208 GTi follows on from the instant success of the 208, British buyers check this one out.


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