New Peugeot Audio Sonic Personalisation for Car Horns

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Now, for the very first time, drivers will be able to personalise their car horns using state-of-the-art Audio Sonic technology

The rise of social media and the digital world has resulted in people wanting to express themselves like never before. Now Peugeot is taking this passion to the next level.

Car horns can be chosen from a library of sounds, or customers can create and upload their own via smartphone. This brand new technology has been developed by a team of engineers and sound designers at Peugeot’s Technical Centre

From July 2014 production onwards, brand new Audio Sonic technology will be a standard feature across the entire Peugeot range. This state-of-the-art new technology allows customers to personalise their car horns to reflect their taste and character.

Customers will be able to choose from an extensive library of sounds created at Peugeot’s new Audio Sonic Personalisation Centre. This library will be constantly updated in line with current trends in music, culture and lifestyle.

For even more self-expression, customers can create and upload their own sounds, so that everyone can enjoy a truly individual horn, which they can change whenever they desire, just like changing a mobile ringtone.

The UK’s road environments will lead the world sonically, offering a rainbow of sounds and audio experiences that will be envied the world over.

“Birdsong or Bach, Jazz Trumpet or Dubstep, the only limit will be our customers’ imaginations” commented Orvil Pondaiss, Peugeot’s New Head of Audio Sonic Personalisation, who tested the technology using sounds including his own four-year-old son laughing.

“We’re delighted that our customers will be able to take personalisation to the next level with our new feature. We’ll be offering guidance on how to create a distinctive horn that will get a positive reaction from fellow drivers.  Hopefully thousands of Peugeot customers will be looking forward to getting their own horn later this year”.

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