Nissan British Built Cars Boost Sales

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Nissan’s British built cars increase fleet sales by 9% in the first 10 months of 2012.

There is a trend with company car drivers and the British built Nissan models. Nissan sold 43,918 cars taking a 5% share of the UK fleet market, up until the end of October.


British Built Nissan Juke


The Qashqai is Nissan’s best fleet seller at 19,309 units with Juke more than doubling sales year on year to 8,965 units.

Add in Qashqai+2 and Note sales of 4,965 and 6,005 units respectively and 89% of Nissan’s fleet volume is built in the UK.

Of particular note is the sales of the electric Nissan LEAF. Year to date fleet sales of the LEAF have more than doubled in 2012 to 458 units.

British Built Nissan Qashqai

“It’s good to see our British-built products are proving a winner with company car drivers,” Said Barry Beeston, Nissan’s fleet sales director.

“Qashqai keeps going from strength to strength with residuals remaining strong and we are seeing LEAF gain momentum in the corporate sector.  Overall a strong performance and one to build on further going into 2013,” he added.

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