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Women World Car of the Year Awards Range Rover Evoque

In Land Rover by Jonathan Humphrey

It seems not a week goes by without one of my favourites the Range Rover Evoque scooping some top prize. Now it’ s the turn of the Women’s World Car of the Year 2012 announcing the Evoque as Supreme Winner. The jury of women motoring writers from 12 countries, has just announced their choices for the best cars of 2012.

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Is There a Twizy Driver in all of Us?

In Renault by Jonathan Humphrey

I am a big fan of the Electric Twizy. Is there not a Twizy driver in all of us, as crazy as this may look, How many drives do you do? How fast do you really go? How far is it to your local shops? How fun is your current car? How much do you want to save on fuel?

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Let Your Body Drive – Amazing Original Video

In Peugeot by Jonathan Humphrey

Let Your Body Drive fantastic video all shot in one take with no visual effects/edits and nothing prearranged. Featuring the Just YouTube dance sensation Nonstop, aka Marquese Scott. With his total disregard for gravity in a carpark he lets his body do the driving. Enjoy.

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Same Car Different World – Volvo 85 Years On

In Volvo by Jonathan Humphrey

Volvo for its 85th birthday celebrations re-created the day the first Volvo the OV4-Jakob rolled off the production line Lundby factory in Göteborg. Now, look where they are 85 years later. The Volvo Car Corporation sells around 500k cars annually and Volvo one of the world’s largest manufacturers of commercial vehicles.

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MG6 Its Getting Better All The Time.

In MG by Jonathan Humphrey

MG are seriously back with improvements being made all round on the award winning MG6 and wins in the British Touring Car Championship. The new cars offer better fuel economy and reduced CO2 for lower road tax. These new production methods have also made overall lower pricing possible on the MG6 GT and MG6 Magnette models…