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The Worlds Most Expensive Car

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One of the most beautiful cars ever built a 1936 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic was sold at auction last week 5 May 2010 in Santa Monica, California for between $30-40 million. One of only three built this 200bhp Bugatti Atlantic with a top speed of over 120mph was a restored example. It won the 2003 Pebble Beach Concours D’elegance and was …

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Finally on the road the New RCZ from Peugeot

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Peugeot’s exciting new RCZ Coupe a sporty and compact 2+2 with innovative styling and the first of Peugeot’s “leisure vehicles”. Now on sale in the UK this Spring and perfectly placed to compete head on with the Audi TT. The entry level RCZ 156 THP manual model will start at an on-the-road price of £19,900. With an exotic look and …

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Please feel free to add your motoring business, blog or club to our FREE UK Motoring Directory Once it is approved we will add your listing straightaway, to tell others about our free directory use our ‘tell a friend form or the share button below’ below. We look forward to seeing you.

Audi Quattro

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Five Englishmen arrive at the border in an Audi Quattro. The officer stops them and tells them, “it is illegal to put 5 people in an Quattro, Quattro means four!” “Quattro is the name of the car,” the man retorts disbelievingly. ” Look at the papers this car is designed to carry five people.” ” You cannot pull that on …

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May the Force be with you…

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Browsing around the net recently I came upon this interesting site. A new Purpose-built Police Car from the USA from Carbon Motors Corporation. The car the E7 aka “the machine” is soon to be released and on sale to forces anywhere and you can reserve yours today, maybe Hull Police should review their plans, no pricing has been announced but …

New LandRover UK YouTube Channel

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After getting back from my short time away over Easter, with no driving, apart from to Manchester Airport and back. I find in my inbox an interesting invitation to view the Land Rover YouTube channel and the new model Discovery 4. A great improvement on the ‘Discos’ of the old days..although how well will they work after 10-15 years! Always …

Keep on Driving in the Free World!

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As a new age in motoring is becoming a reality for many. Electric cars will soon become more and more popular in all their different flavours and methods of charging, powering, generating. Somewhere along the line some new standards will emerge and I suppose somewhere along the line we may get more excited about the sound of electric power. What …

Nissan Cubes, Retro, Beer and Football!

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Having only recently started seeing these Cubes , I really enjoy seeing the latest of these highly styled and retro cars we are getting on our roads. Would be interested to know who wants one? I have always liked the new/now old style Beetle and had on in lime green for my business. I have purchased two Multiplas from new, … as seen on the BBC

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This look like an exciting way to have meetings ‘allaboardroom‘ a new customised working environment for up to 8 people. This megabus includes a full boardroom and facilities and an executive bar an fireplace! From their website you can see the vehicle has already been used by Peter Jones, one of our business successes and Dragons for Sport Relief on the BBC. …

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VW Microbus, please can we have this now?

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I loved the pictures of this in 2001 when the concept was released for the VW microbus at the North American International Auto Show, based on the VW T5 Light Van. It was scheduled for production in 2003 to be made in Hanover. Sadly the project was cancelled in 2005. Come on VW when this recession finally gets over this …