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All-New Suzuki Jimny 2019 Review

In Car Reviews, Suzuki by Tom Scanlan

The Jimny’s traditional ladder-chassis design is significant in the car’s ability to do take on the toughest terrain. It has both front and rear rigid axles and the whole car is more strongly-built, being one-and-a-half-times torsionally stiffer than the outgoing twenty-years-old Jimny. Naturally, its ‘Allgrip Pro’ technology gives you low-ratio 4-wheel-drive with a limited slip differential. On the open road, […]

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Review: Vauxhall Insignia GSi Nav Sports Tourer BiTurbo estate

In Car Reviews, Vauxhall by Neil Lyndon

 Neil Lyndon hits the Scottish highlands in the Vauxhall Insignia GSi Estate  For instance, a long time ago, I knew a woman who regularly raked in a bundle of money in pubs betting drink snobs that they couldn’t tell the difference between brandy and whisky in a blind test. “Bah!” they would scoff. “My palate is so fine-tuned, I’d have no trouble […]

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The Seat Leon ST Cupra 300 TSi 4Drive reviewed

In Car Reviews, Seat by Tom Scanlan

If you’re lucky, you find a car that fits you like a glove. The Seat Leon ST Cupra 4Drive does that for me. The Cupra being what it is, it’s the driver who really gets the most from this machine. Tom Scanlan enjoys a rapid estate car, the Seat Leon ST Cupra 300 TSi 4Drive…READ MORE

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My all-time favourite week in 25 years of writing about cars

In BMW, Car Reviews, Featured Articles, Ford, Honda, Kia by Neil Lyndon

A week that includes the Kia Stinger, BMW’s i8 Roadster and the BMW M5 Competition, Honda’s Civic Type R and not one but three Honda NSXs might be offered as a top prize in a charity auction for which enthusiasts would bid thousands. Even to me, jaded and cynical as I may be, this felt like a working week that was utterly remote from the ordinary. In fact, it may have been my all-time favourite week in 25 years of writing about cars. Neil Lyndon remembers the week that was… READ MORE

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Reviewed the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio…Fun, Fun, Fun

In Alfa Romeo, Car Reviews by Maggie Barry

Alfa Romeo calls it the Symphony of Power – it’s the sound you experience in each of the drive modes on its new Stelvio Quadrifoglio. The other modes form part of what Alfa Romeo call the Stelvio’s DNA – they are Dynamic, Natural and Advanced Efficiency each separately orchestrating how you hear this great car. Maggie Barry takes to the Scottish roads in the mega Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio…READ MORE

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Reviewed the New Fiat 500X new look, tech and engines

In Car Reviews, Fiat by Tom Scanlan

The 2019 Fiat 500X has been refreshed and updated, Fiat has already decided that it needed to do something to get more customers into this SUV…so, it says, look at the refreshed styling. Tom Scanlan goes to Bristol for the UK Launch and drives two variants of the stylish Italian crossover…READ MORE

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Reviewed the 2019 Bentley Continental GT, always something special

In Bentley, Car Reviews by Maggie Barry

I drive tentatively up to the front door of Dalhousie Castle, the last castle in Scotland to be besieged by an English King in person – Henry IV to be precise. My caution is explained by the car I am driving – that quintessentially English icon, the New Bentley Continental GT. Maggie Barry flys the flag across Scotland for the New 2019 Bentley Continental GT…READ MORE