Milky A V8 Powered Milkfloat

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Milky, a V8 powered milkfloat now delivers creamy with full fat power

Milky is demonstrating that the tyre company Falken tyre has tyres for almost any vehicle.

Mel Smith’s custom milkfloat packs a full fat power train. The 3.5 litre Rover engine is mounted behind the delivery driver in place of the batteries. The summer season approaches and the vehicle is ready for the car shows and events it will be attending.

The Team Falken drift driver got behind the float’s wheel to churn up the dust at a test in a yard in Banbury. Matt Carter, the Former British Drift Champion commented on the V8 powered milkfloat -“Compared to my 600+bhp Nissan competition car, this was still more of a pig than a cow to drift, with no seat belts or doors, it was a case of hanging on rather than hanging the tail out!”

Milky the V8 Powered Milkfloat

A lot of the history of the vehicle is unknown to its owner Oxfordshire-based Mel Smith Rumours have it, that the conversion was undertaken by a wealthy enthusiast to tow a speedboat around London. There are tales of it seen  travelling at speed around the Capital.

Falken the Japanese manufacturer is able to supply all sort of unusual profile tyres from its expanding range that covers V8 milk floats and a huge range of other useful vehicles. Smith opted for Falken’s WildPeak off-road and Linam van tyres for ‘Milky’.

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