Rare Jaguar E-Type Lightweights Re-born, The Missing Six

In Jaguar by Jonathan Humphrey

Jaguar is to build six brand new ‘Lightweight’ E-types, to be known as the Missing Six


These fantastic e-types will be the ‘missing’ six Lightweights that were never built from the intended 18-car series.  The six very special cars will be built as perfect reproductions, just as the original 12 cars first produced in 1963. This is Jaguar’s first ever ‘re-creation’ project. Rebuilding the all-aluminium cars and allocating them the assigned six remaining chassis numbers which were originally allocated in 1963.

The first Lightweight E-type of the ‘Missing Six’ will be shown to the public later this summer.

They will be hand-built by Jaguar’s finest craftsmen in their workshop. The exact specifications of their original 1960s forebears will be strictly adhered to, this will include the 3.8-litre straight-six engine.

The Lightweight E-type was approximately 114kg /250lb lighter than a standard E-type, using an all-aluminium body and engine block, sparse interior trim and exterior chrome work and a host of further weight-saving tricks, including lightweight side windows. Some of the priceless original cars and replicas can be seen competing in classic racing worldwide.

Clearly an investment opportunity for some, there is bound to be high demand for the six Lightweight E-types, no pricing has been announced. The good thing is, priority will go to established Jaguar collectors and especially those with historic race car interests. This assures the opportunity of seeing these fantastic new cars at the Goodwood Revival or other classic races.

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