Renault Zoë ZE , finally an electric car I like

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Having not been a fan of electric cars, I have enough problems remembering to charge my mobile phone, let alone the family car. I must admit this one does look pretty good. The Renault Zoë. Not available till 2012 but due to be priced at £13k/ €15k quite a keen price. The Renault Z.E website gives more information on their commitment to EV.

Renault Zoe1

From a press release it seems with a charge of 4-8 hours or fast charge in 20 minutes and a range of 100 miles it could be the answer to many trying to reduce their carbon footprint. The Renault EV is partnered with L’Oreals Biotherm skin care division to build a new ‘Spa’ concept car, offering health and well-being, while owners can take care of the environment and themselves. The in-car air filtration system uses purifying technology to protect the passengers health and keep their skin looking young. The seats look a little uncomfortable but I imagine will be fine on short journeys. I also expect with all this electricity it will be easy to charge your iPhone onboard as well, when you forget!

For more information visit the Renault Zoe at wikipedia

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