Škoda Koqiaq in an emergency for GWAA

In Short Cuts, Skoda by Kieran Bicknell

The magnificent Great Western Air Ambulance Charity now has another string in its bow – the Škoda Kodiaq.

Residents across the region that the GWAA cover – including Bristol, Bath, Northern Somerset, Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire, can now rest safe in the knowledge that the charities’ mighty Helimed 65 Helicopter is bolstered on the ground by a specially-converted Škoda Kodiaq.

Used for when the critical care team are unable to reach an emergency by helicopter, the specially-converted Škoda Kodiaq SE L TDI will ensure greater coverage by the charity for its first responders.

During 2019, the charity received over 2000 call-outs, of which over 2/3 were responded to by critical care cars rather than the helicopter. With its 4×4 capability and punchy TDi engine, the Kodiaq will be a welcome addition to the fleet.

To meet the needs of the critical care crews, the Kodiaq has undergone extensive modification. The 720l boot has been redesigned to house all of the vital life- saving equipment such as oxygen tanks and ventilators, while the infotainment system has been moved to allow a 999-response screen to be installed.

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The finishing touch is a bespoke air ambulance livery and lighting system to ensure the vehicle is clearly identifiable even at the busiest of scenes.

John Wood, Air Operations Officer at Great Western Air Ambulance Charity, said: “Having reliable, appropriate and fully equipped cars are essential for us to reach and treat patients most effectively. The new ŠKODA vehicles will enable our team to negotiate tougher terrain and drive safely in challenging weather conditions to reach patients quickly and safely, particularly in rural areas.”

With Škoda continuing to supply emergency service fleets across the UK, let’s hope these are some Škodas that you never find yourself in the back of.

Kieran Bicknell

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