Slightly Greener Range Rover Hybrid

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“The only drawbacks that sprang to mind were the small matter of the near £100k price tag for the Hybrid version”

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Conscious no doubt  of being a key target for some negative vibes in these oh so “environmentally-aware” times, Jaguar Land Rover have made a bold move, to take a leaf out of the Toyota Prius book, and can now offer a Hybrid ‘Rangie’ to their customers…

On paper, and when driving the Range Rover Hybrid,  it all looks good.  With just the loss of a Torque converter, and the addition of some very clever technology, JLR can now say that they offer a truly eco-credentials-boosting Option to the market.


With otherwise wasted energy being stored to the batteries every time the driver slows on the engine or applies the brakes, then re-deployed to help drive the beast forward, it all makes perfect virtuous sense.

Naturally for a Land Rover, the system seems perfectly engineered – the regenerative braking is smooth and full of feel, and the cool blue computer graphics on the dashboard give a warm glow of smugness as ‘your’ energy is repeatedly re-cycled as you brake and surge between the bends.

Range Rover can now claim yet another feather in its all-rounder cap;  a hugely capable companion to both the off-roader and the executive cruiser, this car could now also receive a warm welcome at Swampy and his fellow eco-warriors’ table…


With the weight of the Range Rover Hybrid, and the speeds it readily attains, combining to create some serious momentum, there’s certainly a lot of energy to be harvested.  The only drawbacks that sprang to mind were the small matter of the near £100k price tag for the Hybrid version, and the slight worry of immersing all of those high power electrics in  waist deep water, should the occasion arise to take the Range Rover to the full extent of its capabilities.

But those aside, for a high profile CEO or similar, wanting to be seen to do their bit, wanting the quietest ride in town without losing any comfort or power, this must indeed be one of the more attractive green eco-options to consider…

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