A Superbowl Full of the All-New Sorrento

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and Pierce Brosnan, he’s Back in the All-New Sorento Superbowl Ad.

The ad will be shown in the primetime third quarter of the Super Bowl XLIX.

The sixty second commercial features Pierce in another of his action movie here roles making the “Perfect Getaway” with danger at every turn. He is driving the All-New Sorento the latest large SUV from Kia.

“Along with the two leading teams, at one of America’s greatest sporting events, the Super Bowl commercials are the centrepiece of the day, I’ve enjoyed being a part of the Kia team, which traditionally has one of the most memorable commercials in the game.”Pierce Brosnan, said

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It's Good to Share Pierce Brosnan in the Superbowl Advert