‘Wow’ – The All New Volvo XC60

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The New Volvo XC60 is an SUV that makes you step back in awe and say ‘wow’

Tim Barnes-Clay enjoys the seriously good Volvo XC60 SUV
The great Swedish brand, Volvo, never really disappoints. If a medium size SUV floats your boat – even though the All New Volvo XC60 is expensive, it’s seriously worth every penny.

Everything I write for a review is subjective, but I try and stay objective as a car reviewer. It’s an impossibility if I’m honest. But, to my eyes – and I bet to yours – the Volvo XC60 is a good-looker. It isn’t a pig in a wig that’s for sure – unlike many more bulky SUVs out there.

Because Volvo has gone even further upmarket, you’re assured of a premium feeling cabin. You’ll feel safe and you’ll feel comfy and special. At least, that’s what I reckon you’ll feel. I did anyway.

I’m also writing as a father of three. This car is bang on for you if you’re in need of a family SUV. Maybe you’d be better off with the bigger XC90, though, if you have more than three kids? That’s because the XC60 doesn’t have seven seats. The XC90 does – and it’s far bigger, much bulkier and more expensive as a result.

As you’d hope and expect, the second-generation XC60 is exploding at the seams with kit. You’d hope so, too, for over £39,000. The price that my parents paid for their house, but that was back in 1979.

But, seriously, there’s so much gear stuffed into the Volvo – especially the 2.0 D4 Momentum Pro, as tested here. It barely makes sense leasing or buying a higher-up-the-range XC60. My press car came with factory-fitted hide seats, sat-nav and parking sensors. It was also fitted out with keyless start, cruise control and a power-operated tailgate. Pro trim enhances things even further by ushering in a heated steering wheel and front windscreen. Active-bending headlights are part of the package, too.

Not only is the XC60 better looking than its bigger brother, the XC90 – it’s smaller and therefore easier to drive and enjoy through bends. It’s simpler to park, too.

The fresh Volvo is utterly predictable – in a good way, and straightforward to drive expeditiously. The Swede’s steering is exact and it feels enjoyably balanced on twisty tarmac. The Volvo performance figures are ‘Volvo’ good, with 0-62mph realised in 8.4 seconds. The car’s maximum speed is 127mph. There are faster alternatives from other brands, but Volvo’s are always a tad more sensible.

The New Volvo XC60 is muted and planted on the motorway – indeed my D4 oil burner’s engine was all but imperceptible at 70mph. There’s hardly any wind or tyre noise, either, making the new motor a mollifying mile-muncher. It’s also a resourceful cruiser – with up to 54.3mpg achievable on an average drive.

All models in the fresh XC60 line-up get switchable drive modes, with user-friendliness being another strength. Knee room is good and headroom is bounteous, putting the XC60 on an even footing with the most voluminous vehicles in this SUV segment. As mentioned, the modernistic machine doesn’t have the XC90’s seven-seat assembly, but you do get a significant 505-litre boot. The motorised tailgate makes loading up easy, while the seats fold down, swelling the load area to a considerable 1,432-litres.

It is very hard to disapprove of this SUV and it makes so much logic to opt for one. You just need to have some serious money in your wallet to afford the car. Volvo might be more premium than ever, but the outlay is premium, too. However; you do get what you fork out for – and you get a hell of a lot with the second-generation New Volvo XC60.

Car reviewed: NEW Volvo XC60 2.0 D4 Momentum Pro – Base Price On the road £39,005 0-62mph 8.4 secs Top speed 127mph Fuel Economy combined 54.3mpg CO2 emissions 133g/km Engine 1969cc 4-cylinder diesel turbo EU6 Max Power 190PS@4250rpm Torque 500Nm@1500rpm Transmission 8-speed automatic with manual mode 4×4

  • Comfortable and efficient SUV

  • Highly specced with excellent equipment

  • Great looking from all angles

  • Choose wisely, can get pricey

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