The iconic VW Golf GTI Edition 35 – Time Machine

In Volkswagen by Jonathan Humphrey

35 years since the launch of the iconic VW Golf GTI. Volkswagen has not only launched a special edition anniversary model, but also gone back in time to revisit the brand’s unique history.

VW Golf Edition 35 GTI time travel

The online campaign launches with a film which opens at an event for the VW Golf GTI Edition 35. The live audience is introduced to the new car by TV presenter and racing driver, Amanda Stretton, and the Golf GTI’s engineers, before witnessing it vanish before their eyes as it travels back in time. Viewers can then follow the journey of the Golf GTI ‘time machine’ through a series of videos on Facebook. The first shows the time travelling car appear at Volkswagen’s German headquarters at Wolfsburg in 1976, where the Golf GTI ‘time travel’ journey begins.

Fans of the Golf GTI can watch the viral film and follow the time travelling Edition 35 as it takes a trip through the decades and visits a range of historic moments, on the Volkswagen UK Facebook page HERE

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