The Nissan Ariya, there’s something on the horizon

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Nissan has put together a digital zine, outlining the exploratory journey into the design of their game-changing – All-electric Nissan Ariya.

The online magazine is a worthwhile read for anyone with an interest on how cars are turned from a sketch to a fully working vehicle. The Nissan Ariya is the all-electric coupé crossover coming to Nissan’s range.

Read the Horizon by clicking here

The Ariya story starts with the early design process, and shows the innovation that has gone into making this important new vehicle. 

Designers to colour managers, clay moulders to digital modelling, the talented teams share their views and opinions in six unique stories. The passion and creative inspiration from moving to first sketches right through to a detailed concept, focusing on the car as it was brought to life from the leading designers to the craftspeople and an exploration into the influence of Japanese artistry.

The Ariya had its world premiere in July, and European customers have shown a real interest in the crossover with over 10k customers already registering their interest. Top cites so far being Oslo, London, Helsinki, Paris and Madrid.

To find out more and view the Horizon zine.

There is also a video series to watch below.

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