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Sometimes cars really demand attention, returning memories of periods of history and times in our lives that really inspired and took our imagination to other places. Rolls-Royce today have debuted the latest Bespoke model in the range.

“This very special motor car serves to pay a perfect homage to my grandfather’s remarkable acts of British daring and endeavour.”Donald Wales, grandson of Sir Malcolm Campbell

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The Waterspeed Collection Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé

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The event, although I was invited, sadly due to other commitments I could not attend. It was an exclusive event at the Bluebird restaurant on the King’s Road, Chelsea, London. The imposing Art Deco Bluebird Building now housing the restaurant was commissioned in 1923 and was Europe’s largest garage. The business was key in helping Campbell wrest the Waterspeed record away from its American owners. Following the debut the car is heading south through Europe to Concorso d’Eleganza at Villa D’Este on the shore of Lake Como in Italy. This will be the first public presentation of the car. Campbell established his legendary record on Lake Maggiore nearby on the 1st September 1937. The world speed record of 126.33mph in Bluebird K3 powered by a Rolls-Royce engine.

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The limited edition of 35 cars priced at around four hundred and fifty thousand pounds, are exclusively built as a tribute to Campbell’s legendary Bluebird watercraft. All thirty five will be finished in a specially developed colour ‘Maggiore Blue’. A colour inspired by the famous Bluebird. This is the first time a colour finish has been extended into the engine bay by Rolls-Royce. The striking blue sets off the engine and creates a visually striking homage to the man and machines behind the records. The amazing blue which changes in different lights also has been applied to the special fully polished eleven spoke wheels. A finishing touch to the exterior is the hand painted coach stripe which took the master coach line painter four hours to apply featuring a Bluebird motif.

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The Waterspeed Interior

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Inside the car the Maggiore Blue is subtly used in a combination with a Windchill Grey leather colour scheme. Attention to detail is phenomenal throughout the car. This extends to Campbell’s famous Bluebird motif being hand-engraved on the door armrest tunnel caps, taking eight hours to complete. Abachi wood is also used bringing a satin like tactility, cool to the touch and in appearance, the wood details are book matched at angles to echo the wake of a moving speedboat. The teak decking used traditionally on the Phantom Drophead Coupé this time has been replaced with brushed steel and looks amazing. Hand panel beaten for 70 hours following its pressing and then hand brushed for ten hours by a Rolls-Royce artisan. The fastidious attention paid to the details of all Rolls-Royce re-affirms the ethos of the company in all that it does.

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Bespoke Rolls-Royce

Every Rolls-Royce is special, customers more fortunate than me, desire the ability to make their cars completely unique. The Rolls-Royce marque’s Bespoke design department has the job – A collective of the automotive world’s finest designers, engineers and craftspeople.

For over a century, these coachbuilding method echo the time when customers purchased their chassis and engine before sending it away to be bodied to their exacting specifications. Bespoke-Rolls-Royce-Detail

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Anything from the finest details to the boldest colours and interior schemes can be commissioned. Clients work closely with the teams to realise their desires for their cars.

With an unparalleled scope for personalisation, Bespoke is very much the jewel in the crown of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars’ unique brand promise, indeed Bespoke is Rolls-Royce.

Thanks for reading the ‘Bespoke’ page we put together just for this superb motor car.

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