Top Gear Stig in the Dump!

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The Stig Ben CollinsAt an exclusive interview, Jeremy Clarkson, presenter of the BBC’s Top Gear, commented that The Stig has now been sacked. Fighting at a hearing over an injunction by the BBC in the High Court, Ben Collins, a 33-year-old former racing driver, revealed that he was the man known as the Stig. Clearly this has spoilt the illusion for many of us and I wonder what was the point.

Mr Collins had apparently been given £25ok as an advance for the book detailing his seven years on Top Gear. The BBC claimed that it was contractually clear that he was bound not to reveal his identity. The High Court rejected this on the grounds of freedom of speech!

Mr Clarkson added in his interview in Oxfordshire that he had been hurt by Mr Collins’ actions. He admitted that he had got on well with the man who tested some of the world’s fastest cars for the show. It was painful to realise that all the time Mr Collins had another agenda.

After declaring that Mr Collins was history as far as he was concerned, Mr Clarkson confirmed that the show would go on without him.

In another recent BBC interview, Top Gear presenter James May said his concerns were, he had no idea who Mr Collins was as he himself was the man behind The Stig.

Other comments have been made about “getting his overalls back because they are not his, and those stupid, poncy shoes he wears. They’re ours. And the gloves.” So there.

So who will be the next Stig for Top Gear This dumped  Stig will now be replaced by a new driver, Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson may even give the new ace a beating first. We look forward to that in the new series of  Top Gear, the 16th series!, later this year. I can’t wait.

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