The World’s Biggest Zorb

In Nissan, Short Cuts by Jonathan Humphrey

A Zorb with a car inside, make a note of it.

Loaded with a full-sized Nissan Note safely cushioned inside.


The giant inflatable ball, which measured six metres in diameter and more than 18 metres in circumference, was constructed to highlight Nissan’s Safety Shield technology featured on the Nissan Note, its popular small family car.

The Nissan Note, packed with innovative safety technology. Lane Departure Warning, Blind Spot Warning and Moving Object Detection create the Nissan Safety Shield. This unique package is powered by 360° Around View Monitor, which relies on the unique self-cleaning rear camera – a groundbreaking news innovation in the Note’s segment.

Nicknamed the #CarZorb, the colossal one tonne structure was rolled down some steep hills, it was used to visually represent the technology.

Zorbing originated in New Zealand, thrill seekers roll down adverse terrain in huge balls of inflatable plastic, safely cocooning the  individuals.


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