Branded Car Tyres – Are they really worth the money?

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If you only drive a short distance every now and then, you might think that economising by buying cheaper no-brand tyres is a reasonable and cost-effective thing to do. But there are advantages to buying premium brand-name tyres that you may not have thought of yet. Let us take a look at some of these.

Tyres are Complicated!

Your tyres are more than lumps of rubber on your wheels; they are a complicated and intricate product, carefully researched and engineered to keep you and other road users safe, as much as to give your vehicle the best opportunity for optimum performance. Going cheap on your tyres means that a lot of this detailed research is ignored. There is a reason that your vehicle manufacturer includes recommended brands and qualities of tyre with the instruction manual, and it is not a mutually beneficial marketing deal: it is to give you the best, safest ride possible.


The better quality your tyre, the longer it will last, so it can often make financial sense to buy the best quality tyre available – after all, if a premium tyre costs twice the amount charged for a budget tyre, but lasts three times as long, then it is easy to see that it is actually cheaper, in the long run, to go premium and have all the peace of mind and comfort that comes with a superior product.

Better Performance

The better your tyres, the better your whole car will perform. With good rubber providing the only contact between your vehicle and the road’s surface, everything from wear and tear to fuel consumption to response times and handling are improved when compared with budget tyres, the worst of which can be actively dangerous.

When given a choice between premium car tyres as recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer and a cheap no-name budget tyre that may be visibly poor quality (bubbles in the rubber, deformities in the sidewall and areas that look like they might develop into weaknesses in time), then always choose to spend a little more to give you a safer time driving happily on the roads!

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