Drive reports on 1.6 litre Audi A3 Sportback TDI first drive by Jonathan Smith 1

New Generation Audi A3

Jonathan Smith Audi, Car Reviews

If you were a fan of the last Audi A3, you’ll like the upgraded model even more. And there’s a new baby of the range which is sure to win over new buyers…

Drive Car Reviews-Audi TT Roadster by Tom Scanlan

The delightful Audi TT ROADSTER 1.8 TFSI

Tom Scanlan Audi, Car Reviews

Every so often, you get into a car that feels just right. You are immediately comfortable, everything is in the proper place and out on the road it doesn’t put a foot wrong. My latest experience like that was in Audi’s entry-level TT Roadster…

drive-Drive Car Reviews-Ford Mustang Convertible V8 by Neil Lyndon 3

This one is the real deal

Neil Lyndon Car Reviews, Ford

This new Mustang – the first ever to be officially on sale through Ford in the UK – is just a completely different story, as far removed from its weedy, imposter ancestors as the Jaguar F-Type is from the old XJS. This one is the real deal…

Drive Car Reviews-Audi S8 plus review by jonathan Smith 8

The ultimate, the Audi S8 plus reviewed

Jonathan Smith Audi, Car Reviews

It’s the ultimate version of the Audi A8, itself a byword in understated luxury. The new S8 plus, with an engine closely related to that of the Bentley Continental, pumps out more than 600 horsepower and can clock 189mph – and more…

Drive Car-Reviews-MINI Cooper D Clubman 18

Mini Cooper D Clubman, a class act

Tom Scanlan Car Reviews, Mini

“That’s quite a big car!” So said someone on first seeing the new Mini Clubman parked outside my house. For a Mini, yes, I suppose it is and, in fact, it is indeed about three inches wider than the standard Mini 5-door Hatch…