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Vauxhall’s ‘Griffin Greats 7’ Heritage day

In Blog, Vauxhall by Tom Scanlan

Vauxhall celebrated 70 years of their heritage museum, with the ‘Griffin Greats 7’ Heritage day out…much enjoyed by Tom Scanlan. Old cars leave most people cold…why on earth trundle about in something that might not get you to the end of your journey? But mad people like me love old cars — in fact, the older, the better…READ MORE

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Renault Grand Scenic Review

In Car Reviews, Renault by Neil Lyndon

After two weeks with a pair of new cars – first the Renault Megane Sport Tourer and then the Renault Grand Scenic
Neil Lyndon gives his verdict, Renault have got their style mojo back…READ MORE

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The limited edition DS 3 Inés De La Fressange

In Car Reviews, DS by Lisa Richardson-Humphrey

I’m feeling that French thing. A limited edition chic DS 3. Lisa Richardson-Humphrey feels a touch more elegant in the superchic DS 3 Inés del la Fressange. It jumped out at me immediately from the car crowd. In a very shallow sense perhaps it was partly because it totally complimented my new bright orange Dior nail varnish and lipstick that day but also because it was so incredibly stylish and sparkly…READ MORE

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The McLaren 570S Spider a day of rapturous pleasure

In Car Reviews, McLaren by Neil Lyndon

The spirit of Ayrton Senna hovered around us in the cabin during the recent launch in Spain of the new McLaren 570S Spider. Flooring the throttle pedal and glorying in the bellow of the 3.8-litre twin turbo V8 behind the seats as we rocketed to 200+ kph on short straights, I could see those deep brown eyes smiling approval…READ MORE