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Honda Jazz Crosstar practical and wallet friendly

In Car Reviews, Honda by Kieran Bicknell

800 miles in the Honda Jazz Crosstar Now, let’s get one thing out the way first – this is by no means a Gran Tourer or ‘GT’ car. Nor is it particularly well-suited to long-distance travel (compared to other vehicles from Honda’s fleet, such as the Civic or CR-V) however, it coped remarkably well all things considered, and I had …

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Ford Fiesta MHev, a composed and zippy ecoboost Hybrid

In Car Reviews, Ford, Hybrid by Neil Lyndon

“This car is far too good to be lumbered with the name Fiesta.” Standing outside my house, looking like a picture of restrained elegance and quiet purpose, it would make me think, “That’s a seriously mature car. Surely it deserves more dignified associations than the clack of castanets and the stomp of Cuban heels?” Buzzing along country back-roads around my …

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The UK new car market has fallen by almost a third

In Short Cuts by Robin Roberts

The UK new car market is down by -29.4% in 2020, with annual registrations dropping to 1,631,064 units, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. A -10.9% decline in December wrapped up a turbulent 12 months, which saw demand fall by 680,076 units to the lowest level of registrations since 1992. Against a backdrop of Covid restrictions, an …

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Peugeot 2008 1.2 GT Line, it’s a winner

In Car Reviews, Peugeot by Tom Scanlan

By the end of my week with the Peugeot 2008 and about three hundred and fifty miles, this French car had firmly become ‘mon ami!’ Or, as it’s built in Spain, ‘mi amigo!’ Because, provided a price of as much as £28,000 for a B-segment crossover SUV is acceptable and manageable, New 2008 owners will not be disappointed. As ever, …

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Living with the Honda E

In Car Reviews, Electric cars, Honda by Kieran Bicknell

Fall in love every day with the highly likeable Honda e Suddenly, everything seems just that little bit better. You pre-heat this electric car before stepping out the front door via the key fob, knowing that the moment you set foot in its futuristic cabin the world will be toasty and warm once again, like having a duvet on four …

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Honda Jazz EX, deserves the highest accolades

In Car Reviews, Honda by Neil Lyndon

The latest Honda Jazz came to me on test a week after I had voted for the new Land Rover Defender in a Car of the Year poll. To my mind, that distinction puts it firmly in the same bracket as its predecessors. I have lost count of the number of friends who have bought a Honda Jazz as a …

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Reviewed, the Škoda Scala Monte Carlo

In Car Reviews, Skoda by Kieran Bicknell

At first, you may be a little confused as to where the Scala fits into Škoda’s vast range. Well, it’s smaller than a Kamiq, but not really bigger than a Fabia. See? It’s a little confusing. Resembling the discontinued ‘wagon’ version of the Fabia, the Scala essentially takes up the same mantle. Five seats, clever design and impressive styling are …

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Preparing your tyres for winter!

In Short Cuts, Sponsored Post by Sponsored Content

When it comes to your car tyres, Basingstoke roads tend to be reasonably good, but any road can suffer from the effects of ice and snow, even if they are well gritted by the authorities as soon as there is the first warning of a cold snap. More people tend to use their cars in winter, so you will have …

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Ford Kuga Titanium mHEV good-looking, comfortable and capacious

In Car Reviews, Ford, Plug-in Hybrid by Neil Lyndon

I drove my daughter to work in a Ford Kuga hybrid. When I picked her up after work, I was at the wheel of a Volvo XC60 hybrid (such is the daily life of the motoring writer). My girl didn’t notice the difference. But you would think that even a 17-year-old who has never shown the faintest interest in any …

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The New Škoda Octavia, more than satisfying

In Car Reviews, Skoda by Kieran Bicknell

When the new Škoda Octavia launched, was it some sort of prodigy come true, a miracle on earth, the greatest thing since sliced bread… With the motoring cliche “all the car you could ever need” being bandied around like it was the only words anyone could say on Twitter, I looked forward to finding out if a few months after …