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The Need For CEED 3

In Car Reviews, Kia by Neil Lyndon

The most significant change is the smallest. For the latest version of its popular C-segment family hatchback, Kia have at last seen sense and done away with the silly apostrophe that made its name a complete nonsense. Neil Lyndon from Slovakia for his first drive of the All-New Kia Ceed Hatchback…READ MORE

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The Rodger Dudding Classic Car Collection

In Featured Articles, Sports Cars by Jonathan Humphrey

Our JONATHAN SMITH pays a visit to a magical private collection of classic cars, believed to be the largest of its kind in Europe. To most onlookers it is Britain’s most expensive car park. However, to its modest owner, Rodger Dudding, the £150million-plus collection is a ‘bit of eclectic fun. If I like it and can afford it, I buy it,’ he says…READ MORE

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On the road in the 2018 Mazda6 Saloon

In Car Reviews, Mazda by Neil Lyndon

When we arrived at Birmingham Airport, Mazda provided a Mazda6 for us to drive away to the launch venue in the Cotswolds. As our car was being edged out of its parking space, I asked one of the guys who were greeting us, “Have we been given the old car for this drive, so that we can compare it with the new one later?”
Neil Lyndon drives the latest 2018 Mazda6 Saloon 194ps GT Sport Nav+ Auto….READ MORE

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Reviewed the All-New Rifter MPV from Peugeot

In Car Reviews, Peugeot by Tim Barnes-Clay

When is a van an MPV? When it’s an All-New Rifter. Yes, it doesn’t take an automotive anorak to spot that the Rifter is based on a van. But that doesn’t make it a lame set of wheels. Indeed, this replacement for the pug-ugly Partner Tepee could well be the family transport resolution you’ve been searching for. So, let’s drill down deeper and properly examine this strangely named MPV. Tim Barnes-Clay drives the Peugeot Rifter at the European Launch in Monaco…READ MORE

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New 2018 Toyota Aygo refreshed and reviewed

In Car Reviews, Toyota by Tim Barnes-Clay

The Aygo is in its second incarnation, but it’s not ready to be reborn a third time quite yet. Instead, Toyota has given the car a facelift to freshen things up a bit. Tim Barnes-Clay drives the latest Toyota Aygo at the European launch in Denmark….READ MORE