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The McLaren 720S Spider a day of rapturous pleasure

In Car Reviews, McLaren by Neil Lyndon

The spirit of Ayrton Senna hovered around us in the cabin during the recent launch in Spain of the new McLaren 570S Spider. Flooring the throttle pedal and glorying in the bellow of the 3.8-litre twin turbo V8 behind the seats as we rocketed to 200+ kph on short straights, I could see those deep brown eyes smiling approval…READ MORE

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Testing the Audi TT RS Roadster 2.5 TFSI quattro

In Audi, Car Reviews by Tom Scanlan

My test TT RS Roadster arrived and I was really looking forward to seeing if I would enjoy it as much as the brief drive I had had last year in the entry-level 1.8 TFSI version. 400 PS was obviously going to be more than enough for any road car, but would it add up to that much more fun?…READ MORE

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‘Wow’ – The All New Volvo XC60

In Car Reviews, Volvo by Tim Barnes-Clay

The great Swedish brand, Volvo, never really disappoints. If a medium size SUV floats your boat – even though the All New Volvo XC60 is expensive, it’s seriously worth every penny. Everything I write is subjective, but I try and stay objective as a car reviewer. It’s an impossibility if I’m honest. But, to my eyes – and I bet to yours – the XC60 is a good-looker. It isn’t a pig in a wig that’s for sure – unlike many more bulky SUVs out there. Because Volvo has gone even further upmarket, you’re assured of a premium feeling cabin. You’ll feel safe and you’ll feel special…READ MORE

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BMW 435d xDrive M Sport Gran Coupe Reviewed

In BMW, Car Reviews by Tom Scanlan

Smooth; muscular; powerful; shiny, even. In a word: beefcake – that’s BMW’s 435d xDrive Gran Coupe. But if you want super-smooth, then it has to be the 440i at around £2000 cheaper, depending on options attached. The 3.0 diesel develops 313 PS, while the petrol 3.0 has 326 PS
However, I have always loved big diesel engines, so, poking a metaphorical stick in the government’s eye, I chose to set off in the diesel…READ MORE

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The rather good, Vauxhall Insignia Sports Tourer Review

In Car Reviews, Vauxhall by Tom Scanlan

‘Sports Tourer’…ah, yes, that means estate car, doesn’t it? Well, it used to! Never mind, they’re all at it, glamorising the mundane, and have been for many years now. So, what about Vauxhall’s latest? As a matter of fact, the all-new 2017 car is rather good. Vauxhall tells us that the new one is particularly capacious. It’s longer and lower than the outgoing version…READ MORE