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The All-New BMW 4-series Coupé launches

In BMW, Car Reviews, First Drives by Tom Scanlan

How do you make a fine car even better? No great surprise there. It’s a case of a little bit meaner to look at, a little bit lower on the road, some techno enhancements, a bit of this and a bit of that. In the end, the sum total is another highly appealing range of sporting two-door driver’s cars. Prices …

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The Honda E Review / First UK Drives

In Car Reviews, First Drives, Honda by Kieran Bicknell

Cheeky, Charming, Characterful – These are all words that could be used to perfectly describe the all-new Honda E. It’s cheeky charming aside, the Honda E is a very capable city car indeed. Its diminutive size makes it perfect for parking, while the front and rear wheels have been pushed as far outwards as possible, meaning the car has a …