New High-tech Ford Fiesta ECOnetic 85mpg+ No Road tax

In Ford by Jonathan Humphrey

Britain’s Best Selling Car the Ford Fiesta ECOnetic is now leaner and cleaner. The combined fuel economy rises to 85.6 mpg and COemissions drop to 87 g/km from 95 g/km.

 The ECOnetic efficiency, has been achieved through the introduction of:

  • Auto-Start-Stop
  • Upgrade of the 95PS 1.6TDCi engine, friction and combustion improvements and calibration optimisation
  • Revised gear ratios
  • Smart regenerative charging
  • EcoMode
  • Improved efficiency of the air conditioning, cooling fan and alternator

This new Ford Fiesta ECOnetic comes with new equipment as standard. Rolling resistance tyres, an aero pack comprising undershield and wheel deflectors, variable flow oil pump and shift indicator light.


Sustainability is important not only for the car, but also for the facilities behind its manufacture. Ford’s Dagenham-built Duratorq TDCi engines are produced in a facility that derives all its electricity from renewable sources, with three dedicated wind turbines.

The Ford Fiesta with ECOnetic Technology has three trim levels to suit different customer requirements: Edge, Zetec or Titanium. Such advanced fuel economy avoids UK road tax (Vehicle Excise Duty) contributions, yet the refinement and fun-to-drive personality of the original Fiesta is retained intact.

FordFiesta’s value story continues with five engines in the Fiesta line-up emitting less than 130g/km of CO2making them exempt from vehicle excise duty in their first year. This includes the 1.4-litre and 1.6-litre TDCi diesel engines, the 1.25-litre 60PS and 82PS petrol engines and the latest 1.6-litre TDCi 95PS ECOnetic Technology engine.

With fuel costs hitting the roof, this car is on the forecourts and available now.