At Last, Road Signs for EV Charging Points

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In the times, I have driven electric cars in the UK, as clever as the car is with its navigation system directing you to places to charge, it can still be a struggle.

Sometimes even finding them in a big car park shopping complex or large retail park can be more difficult and time-consuming than you think.

Nissan, makers of the successful Nissan Leaf and Ecotricity are calling for an official EV charging point road sign. There are now more than 9000 electric vehicle charging points in the UK, but still no easy way for the public to see just how widespread they are. Implementing these signs will then raise awareness of the EV infrastructure in the UK and encourage the sales of this cleaner technology in vehicles.

Ecotricity operates the biggest and most comprehensive network of chargers in the UK, AKA: the electric highway. They have called for the government to introduce official signage denoting the location of standard and rapid EV charging points, and it is about time too.

Ecotricity---Nissan-DALE-VINCE-2Ecotricity founder Dale Vince commented: “Both the cars and the infrastructure are in place to support the electric car revolution in Britain – there are Electric Highway pumps at almost every motorway services while companies like Nissan are developing top quality electric cars.

“It’s time to introduce charging point road signs in Britain – they’ll provide necessary direction for the thousands of electric car drivers in Britain as well as increasing public awareness that the infrastructure is ready for them to make the move to an electric car.

“Over the past four years, we’ve installed Europe’s most advanced electric car charging network right here in Britain – it has 250 pumps, 20,000 members and over 10 million emission free miles driven since its inception.”

At last Road Signs for EV Charging Points may be coming soon. Please other motorists don’t park in the charging points. Perhaps that is another sign that needs to be made.

The Nissan Leaf
The Nissan Leaf
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