Preparing your tyres for winter!

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When it comes to your car tyres, Basingstoke roads tend to be reasonably good, but any road can suffer from the effects of ice and snow, even if they are well gritted by the authorities as soon as there is the first warning of a cold snap. More people tend to use their cars in winter, so you will have more drivers on the roads, some of them quite inexperienced after a summer of walking, jogging or cycling, and poor weather to deal with all at the same time! Here are some tips to make sure you maintain your tyres properly this winter.

Keep it Clean

Cleaning your car seems like a waste of time in winter as your tyres will only become dirty again, within seconds of driving down the road, and it can also become something of a pain unless you have a nice cosy garage in which you can do the chore. But it can be an excellent opportunity to look your tyres over regularly, check your tread depth, clearing out the tread of any sleet, mud and built-up grit that might all too easily freeze into an icy slick should a sudden cold snap strike while you are driving. 

Keep an eye out, while you clean your tyres, for any signs of damage: punctures, sidewall bulges, or missing chunks of rubber from the tyres – anything that might spell trouble ahead.

Tyres Under Pressure

Keep an eye on your tyre pressure during winter, especially when you first start the car. Tyre pressure can be affected by temperature fluctuations of as little as five degrees centigrade – and in winter, temperatures can plunge as much as fifteen degrees from warm daytime sunshine to below zero.

Stick to your usual tyre maintenance pattern, even when the weather is icy. It is tempting to hurry inside to the warmth and bustle of the family home, but it is well worth the few minutes it takes to perform these little tasks on a regular basis – your tyres will last the winter, keeping you and your family safe until the days lengthen and warm up once again.

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