Renault ZOE A New Era in Affordable Electric Cars

In Renault by Jonathan Humphrey

Exciting news today on the electric car front. Renault have shown the first public appearance of the cutting edge Renault ZOE the first affordable electric car at the Geneva Motor Show. Just £13,650 on the road after the plug in car grant. No road tax, no congestion charges.

The World debut of the small electric supermini in the Renault ZE line up. The Renault ZOE has been designed ground up to be an electric vehicle. The ZOE packs the most advanced technology, including no fewer than six ‘world premiere’ features designed to deliver user-friendliness, range and connectivity. The ZOE underpins the Renault environmental commitment.

The Renault ZOE is the first mass market EV with a range of up to 130 miles. The electric car utilising its Range OptimiZEr for out of town use offers a range of 62 and 93 mile and the car can be charged whatever level the battery is at thanks to it chameleon charger.

The Renault ZOE comes in the wake of the status-enhancing Fluence Z.E. electric saloon, Kangoo Van Z.E.

Soon to be available is the Renault Twizy – one of the pledges of Renault’s ‘Drive the Change’ signature.

Through its ‘Renault 2016 – Drive the Change’ plan, and thanks to its growing range of electric vehicles, along with work on its internal combustion engines, Renault has made a commitment to reduce its global carbon footprint by 10 per cent by 2013, and by a further 10 per cent between 2013 and 2016. The fruit of this strategy can now be seen on the street.

“ZOE will be the spearhead of the Renault Z.E. range and the version on show at Geneva represents the model’s final design. In addition to its compact size, attractive styling and affordable price tag, it showcases Renault’s technological excellence when it comes to electric vehicles. ZOE also heralds the beginning of a new era of electric mobility for all and confirms our commitment to electric vehicles.”  Carlos Ghosn, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Renault


If you haven’t driven an electric car now is the time. Ecovelocity is on again this year at the Excel you can drive quite a few of the electric cars that are on the market there.

I spent a week in an electric car with my children and the experience was fun and totally positive, I always have been a fan of what Renault have been up to with Renault ZE, can’t wait to try this one.