Lower UK Pricing for the Vauxhall Ampera

Cheaper Electric

In Vauxhall by Jonathan Humphrey

More and more Electric and Hybrid Cars are being advertised on television, the market is changing

Still not too many on the roads but the the mission to make electric mobility more accepted is rapidly gaining momentum and I am a big fan. The pricing for the range extended Vauxhall Ampera has now been reduced  to a starting price of £28,750 on-the-road, inclusive of the Government’s £5,000 grant.

The Ampera Positiv features a generous standard specification including advanced on-board computer, electronic climate control and rear view camera. The range-topping Electron model also sees a £3,500 reduction and is available from £30,495 on-the-road. Specification above the Postiv includes Bose Energy Efficient Series sound system, hard drive with 30GB music file capacity and satellite navigation system.

Vauxhall Ampera winner of many Green Awards“The Vauxhall Ampera new pricing position brings the cost of electric motoring much nearer to that of a conventional vehicle,” said Duncan Aldred, Vauxhall’s Chairman and Managing Director. “It also reinforces the multi award-winning Ampera’s position as the only solution to electric vehicle ownership that can be the sole family car.”

Arriving in showrooms last year, Ampera has a real-world battery range of between 25-50 miles, after which a small range-extending generator, powered by a 1.4-litre petrol engine, intervenes to provide up to an additional 300-plus mile range. At all times, the Ampera’s wheels are electrically driven, setting it apart from conventional hybrid vehicles.

The car has been the winner of a multitude of Green Awards and being range extended makes the choice of going for a hybrid electric a realistic choice for many, The cars are available through a network specialist Vauxhall dealers and is covered by the manufacturer’s industry-leading Lifetime Warranty.

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2013 Vauxhall ampera electric plug in car. Hybrid free tax

Price: £9600.00
End on: Sunday, 15th Sep, 2019 at: 07:17pm

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2014 Vauxhall Ampera Positiv

Price: £8000.00
End on: Friday, 23rd Aug, 2019 at: 08:43pm

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2015 Vauxhall Ampera Positiv, The superior & rare MY13 Model 1.4

Price: £16000.00
End on: Thursday, 12th Sep, 2019 at: 05:51pm

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2012 Vauxhall Ampera Electron, Nav, Bose Sound Upgrade, Full Vauxhall Service Hi

Price: £13000.00
End on: Thursday, 12th Sep, 2019 at: 05:50pm

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Price: £15999.00
End on: Thursday, 5th Sep, 2019 at: 05:39pm

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2012 Vauxhall Ampera 1.4 i VVT 16v Electron 5dr

Price: £11500.00
End on: Wednesday, 28th Aug, 2019 at: 04:41am

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2013 Vauxhall Ampera 1.4 i VVT 16v Electron 5dr

Price: £10980.00
End on: Wednesday, 28th Aug, 2019 at: 04:41am

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Price: £9985.00
End on: Wednesday, 28th Aug, 2019 at: 01:24am

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