Why to Use Grommets in Your Car

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Cars have a lot of pieces and parts all moving in unison

Keeping them protected can be a tough endeavor unless you are using the right materials and accessories. One small thing that you will no doubt have seen under the hood is a rubber grommet.

These little accessories are great for many reasons and are a must for any automotive setup. If you aren’t sure whether you need one of these – or have even seen one – here are the litany of benefits that using a rubber grommet in your car can provide.

Great Durability

The first and most important reason to use grommet cable is because it is very durable. Rubber grommets, in particular, are built to hold up in just about any situation or setting. No matter where you have cabling, using a rubber grommet will ensure that not only does the cable last, but so will the grommet.

There is little chance of fraying or cutting off cabling that passes through the hole. Even better, it doesn’t even matter what type of material is going through the grommet, they will hold up and provide maximum protection the whole way.


Another major reason to have grommets for your car is because these rubber grommets are naturally heat-resistant. Under the hood of a car, temperatures can soar quickly and these grommets need to be able to hold up against not only high temperatures but prolonged exposure to those high temperatures.

Rubber grommets are the safest material to use inside the engine of a car and they don’t easily transfer heat. Even if you have just turned the engine off and get under the hood, touching a grommet won’t result in a burn or deliver the shock of a very hot surface.

Weather Resistant

Things get very warm when everything is running under the hood, but your car isn’t on most of the time. For the most part, it is sitting idle in parking lots, driveways, and garages. That means potentially sharp changes in temperature depending on where you live.

Rubber grommets are great because they are highly weather resistant. Against very high and very low temperatures, they don’t wear down, crack, or dry out, holding up for a long time to come. The longer those rubber grommets remain in place, the longer they provide protection to essential cables under your hood.

Greater Flexibility

Anyone who has ever worked on a car knows how tough it can be to maneuver when under the hood. There are a lot of components and parts under the hood and space is limited in some instances. Finding a way to improve flexibility where possible can make gaining access easier.

Rubber grommets provide greater flexibility, especially when it comes to running cabling throughout the engine bay. Being able to easily maneuver cabling can not only keep it protected but make it a lot easier to move it out of the way of a component or trace your cabling back to the source.

Very Easy to Implement

Finally, rubber grommets are great because they are really very easy to use and implement. There is no screwing involved, either. Simply slide them over the cables and skip the nut lock. In a setup with a ton of complicated components and parts, anything that is easy to use is welcome.

Don’t overlook the seemingly unimportant components under the hood of your car. A rubber grommet can go a long way toward creating easier work and provide protection to essential wires and cables that, when damaged, could cause a major inconvenience.

Photo by Ryutaro Uozumi on Unsplash