Hottest Abarth Ever the New 50th Anniversary Abarth 595

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Always a busy month, now November is the month of the Scorpion – the New Abarth 595

These cars are superb, always an Abarth fan since my purchase of an Abarth A112 and nearly a 124 Spider. Already now fifty years since the original Abarth 595 here is a future classic. The latest Abarth 595 anniversary model based on the iconic Abarth Car from the 1960s.  50 years ago, the 595 immediately proved successful due to its exhilarating performance in such a small car.

In order to pay it a fitting tribute, the 595 ‘50th Anniversary’ was presented in its world début at the recent Frankfurt Motor Show. It’s the fastest 595 ever, as well as the “smallest” supercar ever produced.  The exciting, exclusive model, which once again demonstrates the brand’s outstanding ability to look to the future without betraying its past. Check out the scale of the New Car in the video against the original 60’s model, now that was silly.

Watch the Video of the Old and New Abarth cars in Action

Carlo Abarth used to say that, “engines, cars, races, a passion for cars and a passion for speed is the disease, the beautiful disease that made us love what is always the fastest, always the pinnacle of mechanical perfection.” Today these words are part of Abarth’s manifesto and demonstrate that the search for ‘performance’ is more than a passion: it’s a genuine lifestyle, or as the brand communication pay-off neatly sums up, ‘Performance is a state of mind’.

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