First UK Drives: Honda e:Ny1 Reviewed

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The Honda e:Ny1 – Even AI cannot make sense of the name, just call it the latest electric SUV from Honda

Car Reviewed: The Honda e:Ny1 Advance reviewed at the first UK Driving launch

I can’t say the name enthuses me. Cars often have had silly names, such as the Subaru Brat, Austin Princess or Isuzu Bighorn. Even chatGBT4 doesn’t have an explanation; name aside, it’s a well-specced, practical, family-size, electric SUV; let’s call it Honda’s latest EV.

I can’t say the name enthuses me. Cars often have had silly names, such as the Subaru Brat, Austin Princess or Isuzu Bighorn. Even chatGBT4 doesn’t have an explanation; name aside, it’s a well-specced, practical, family-size, electric SUV; let’s call it Honda’s latest EV.

Honda has been in the market for a while with its electric Honda-e small car. Now is the time for something bigger. With sales of SUVs on a steady upward trajectory, it had to be next. Honda is targeting a younger market with the e:Ny1.

It’s a good-looking vehicle. In Aqua Topaz (pictured), the blue version is really striking-looking, even better in the metal. The new white logo for Honda’s EVs and the spaced Honda badging are an attractive touch with the stylish designed LED lights.

The front motor and underfloor battery are cleverly placed to keep the car spacious and practical. It has front-wheel drive and uses a modular approach; a 3in1 motor incorporates the power drive unit, electric motor and transmission. As expected, it gives instant EV acceleration, with 0-62mph in 7.7 seconds and a top speed of 99mph.

As always, I was impressed with the build quality. Honda cars are well constructed and often over-engineered, although they have used lighter high tensile steels and other materials to keep the weight down to 100kg lighter than some of the competition. This SUV is built to last, with five years servicing and warranty.

It’s an easy car to get comfortable in. The interior has a roomy feel, everything at hand, and the imposing central 15.1-inch touchscreen is worth studying. Unlike some, it has cleverly been worked to allow Google Maps, charging info, and climate controls all on screen together in a concise, three-level, straightforward fashion. The input is quite responsive, well thought out, and more effortless to learn and use than many.

Honda has used clever tech and strategically placed cabin insulation to make the cabin quiet, with an excellent, loud sound system with wireless Apple carplay or Android Auto available. A wireless charging pad is also available below the touchscreen with USB sockets also.

Handling is fun, and it’s easy to drive confidently. Three driving modes are available: Sport, Normal and Economy, altering performance settings as needed. The low centre of gravity of the battery weight helps the sporty feel. Once on the move, it is easy to forget this is an electric car. The Honda dynamic stability control helps with steering feedback, lightening the steering feel when manoeuvring and tightening it up for faster driving.

Safety is vital in a family SUV. The e:Ny1 has more than many Honda SENSING tech operating with sonar and camera technology. On the move, the road departure mitigation warning is a little over-sensitive to changing road conditions as I happily sped along the lanes in the Cotswolds. It all adds up to safety, and that can only be good.

With a maximum range of 256 miles, it is lower than some of the competition, but it depends on your own driving needs, as you will probably have charging at home. The compact 68.8kWh lithium-ion battery on a fast up to 100kW charger can be charged 10-80% in just 45 minutes, and you can add 100km / 62 miles of range very quickly in just 11 minutes.

Charging is located behind a rotating panel in the front grille, the most accessible location, I would say. In the charging port is a very useful charging strip with status lights indicating the progress of a charge.

Honda has done well with a Honda+ smartphone app and charging tech called Honda Connect; you set the time of your next journey and let the app control the operation, charging at the optimum times to save money and have the car ready for your next trip. The app is easy to use and should unforeseen needs for the vehicle occur. Changes can be made quickly to the routine set. Significant savings can be made by charging on the right tariff and using the app.

The boot space is good, with a flat floor and underfloor area for storage, cables, etc. Seats up boot capacity is 361 litres, with a max of 1176 litres loaded, seats down.

The e:Ny1 is available in two trim levels; the starting level is elegance, already highly specced, with an on-the-road price of £44,995. Advance is at the top of the range and is expected to be the bestseller.

With Honda’s forward-thinking approach to electric cars, the Honda e:Ny1 stands out as a smart choice.

Author Rating 4/5

Car reviewed: Honda e:Ny1 Advance EV

on the road price £44,995 as tested £47,195

  • 0-62mph 7.7secs
  • Top speed 99mph
  • Battery and drive 68.8kWh / single electric motor / Front wheel drive
  • Max Power 204PS
  • Torque 310Nm
  • All-Electric Range WLPT Combined 256 miles
  • Rapid DC Charging 10-80% in 45minutes
  • CO2 emissions 0g/km
  • Dimensions MM 4387 L / 1790 W / 1584 H
  • Bootspace 361 /1176 1itres (seats folded)

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