Abarth Flying High at Goodwood Festival of Speed

In Abarth by Jonathan Humphrey

Abarth stunt plane is taking to the skies as well as the hill at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this year

Abarth demonstrated the potential at the Festival’s press day. At the day it showcased the Abarth-branded stunt plane, as well as two of its pocket  rockets. The Abarth 500 esseesse and an Abarth Punto EVO. The Abarth cars always bring an extra something to motor racing events and this year the thrills will be enhanced.

This year, the Goodwood Aviation Show will be more prominent feature within the Festival of Speed and the Abarth Stunt plane will likely be part of this. There are plans for the Abarth stunt plane to appear alongside other interesting fly-pasts, including the famous Red Arrows.

Abarth is set to take part once again in the Goodwood Festival’s Moving Motor Show. At the show, the public can view cars and get pre-arranged trips in the Abarth cars up the famous Goodwood Hill. It is hoped featuring in the Aviation Show will bring a new audience to the performance brand.

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“Goodwood have been looking at ways to strengthen the link between its hugely successful Festival of Speed and the Aviation Show, and we were happy to offer the Abarth stunt plane. Our high performance cars on the world famous Goodwood hill and our high performance stunt plane in the skies. I hope everyone will enjoy the connection.”” Ivan Gibson, head of Abarth UK.

The Abarth aircraft, flown by professional stunt pilot Mark Jefferies, is an Extra 300L two-seater aerobatic monoplane powered by a powerful 300hp fuel-injected Lycoming AEIO-540 engine. The lightweight 300L has a welded steel tube fuselage covered in aluminium and fabric, and is capable of more than 200mph. Watch out for the additional thrills and excitement this year at the Goodwood Festival of Speed