‘Here comes the sun’ for George Harrison Aston Martin DB5 Sold at Coys Auction

In Auctions by Jonathan Humphrey

‘I want to tell you’,  Ex George Harrison Aston Martin was sold at Auction this week for  £350,000 after fierce bidding from around the world. ‘Someday’ I may have that kind of money if I can avoid the  ‘Taxman’

The car built in 1964 was an Aston Martin DB5 and was supplied new on January 1st 1965 from Brydor Cars based in Brooklands, Surrey. ‘I need you’ to know the car was part of a sale of COYS True Greats Auction held in London at the Royal Horticultural Halls.

COYS Auction George Harrison Aston Martin DB5

I didn’t manage to get to the auction as I was listening to my favourite track from George Harrison at the time ‘While my guitar gently weeps’.

Patti Boyd, model and photographer, who was married to George Harrison when he owned the DB5 was re-united with the beauty when it was displayed in London. ‘Something’ she thought she would never see again I’m sure.

The auction featured fierce bidding from around the globe, the hammer eventually went down to an anonymous bidder and Beatle fan from Houston Texas. The buyer later said ” George would be amazed about the money his car is going to raise for Christian causes.”  So ‘Here comes the Sun’ for the car as it heads to a warmer climate.

George Harrison Aston Martin DB5 sold at COYs Auction

The COYS True Greats Auction sale saw £4.5million pounds worth of cars sold.

Chris Routledge, Managing Director of COYS said: “ It was a fantastic sale with dealers and collectors from all over the world participating. There is also no doubt that many people who in the past invested in stock and shares and now looking to classic cars as a good investment for the future.”