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Ford Transit Custom Plug-in Hybrid Reviewed

In Car Reviews, Electric, Ford, Hybrid by Tim Barnes-Clay

When is a Transit not a Transit? When it’s a Custom Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV). With its neat looks on the outside, you could be forgiven for thinking that the Transit PHEV is all mouth and no trousers. Well, it’s quite the opposite.  The Transit PHEV is a no-nonsense mode of transport, and space and practicality are the reasons the Transit …

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Reviewed | The 2021 Maserati Ghibli 2.0 Hybrid GranSport

In Car Reviews, Hybrid, Maserati by Tim Barnes-Clay

An Italian masterpiece, the Maserati Ghibli has just had its most significant makeover in years.  There have been a few nips and tucks, but all the significant changes are under the skin. Let’s face it; it’s hard to improve on a car that’s such a stunner in the first place. Inside, the Ghibli’s cabin makes German premium brands’ interiors look …

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The Škoda Enyaq iV, a car that looks and feels great

In Car Reviews, Electric, Skoda by Tim Barnes-Clay

Totally electric and designed from the ground up to deliver a completely fresh driving experience, the Škoda Enyaq iV sets new benchmarks for room and technology. As becomes a vehicle that’s starting a bold period in Škoda engineering and design, the Enyaq iV ushers in a range structure based on battery size rather than customary trim designations. You can choose …

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The Audi RS 6 Avant, an addictive estate car

In Audi, Car Reviews, Performance by Tim Barnes-Clay

Buying a car this expensive and this close to all-electric vehicles taking over the world would be madness. Or would it? I mean, maybe the latest RS 6 will become a collector’s item – a rare V8 gem left in the cold, clinical world of automotive electrification. Ok, so I’m being a tad dramatic, but you really do need to …

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First Drive : The Lexus LC Convertible, a sense of theatre

In Car Reviews, Lexus by Tim Barnes-Clay

The Lexus LC Coupe has always looked impressive and elegant all at the same time. The all-new car shares the LC Coupe’s gorgeous design and adrenaline-charged performance while adding the fun associated with wind-in-your-hair motoring. And, as with the hard-topped model, a non-turbocharged unit sits under the hood. This alone makes the LC different. Why? Well, there’s a glut of …

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First Drives: 2020 Honda Civic Type-R, latest, greatest

In Car Reviews by Tim Barnes-Clay

Honda has intensified the magnetism of the Type R The Limited Edition hunk of metal is the most uncompromising Type R. It’s crafted for the track, with a decluttered cabin and lightweight elements, both of which are responsible for the vehicle’s 47kg weight reduction. The next addition is the Sport Line, which been assembled to appeal to motorists who want …

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Volvo XC40 Recharge Plug-In Hybrid T5 Review

In Car Reviews, Sponsored Post, Volvo by Tim Barnes-Clay

Okay, so let’s get this clear: this particular Volvo is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle – that’s PHEV for short. Yep, a catchy acronym, I know. If you’re still clueless, it means the car runs on electricity and petrol power. Hybrid tech is a good idea, though – and when you get into the routine of charging up, you can, …

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Reviewed: Mitsubishi L200 Series 6, a big deal

In Car Reviews, Mitsubishi by Tim Barnes-Clay

Mitsubishi knows that Britain is Europe’s biggest market when it comes to pick-ups. The new L200 Series 6 model is a big deal for the Japanese automaker. In its 40th year, the L200 is almost as old as me, but like Doctor Who, it regenerates every few years – usually with a bolder look. The Series 6 doesn’t disappoint and …