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Peugeot 2008 1.2 GT Line, it’s a winner

In Car Reviews, Peugeot by Tom Scanlan

By the end of my week with the Peugeot 2008 and about three hundred and fifty miles, this French car had firmly become ‘mon ami!’ Or, as it’s built in Spain, ‘mi amigo!’ Because, provided a price of as much as £28,000 for a B-segment crossover SUV is acceptable and manageable, New 2008 owners will not be disappointed. As ever, …

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The Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace, is quite satisfying

In Car Reviews, Volkswagen by Tom Scanlan

Throughout my week in the VolkswagenTiguan Allspace, I had the Lane Assist activated. So, yes, there I was, accepting this gently autonomous feature. At times, it may have been the changes in the road surface that moved the front wheels that moved the steering wheel; otherwise, it was definitely Volkswagen’s Lane Assist. Does this mean that I am no longer …

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The All-New BMW 4-series Coupé launches

In BMW, Car Reviews, First Drives by Tom Scanlan

How do you make a fine car even better? No great surprise there. It’s a case of a little bit meaner to look at, a little bit lower on the road, some techno enhancements, a bit of this and a bit of that. In the end, the sum total is another highly appealing range of sporting two-door driver’s cars. Prices …

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The highly practical Subaru XV E-Boxer

In Car Reviews, Subaru by Tom Scanlan

Subaru’s compact crossover XV E-BOXER ticks plenty of boxes. We all like our cars to be safe. Subaru says its customers go for safety, capability and reliability. Subaru’s mantra is ‘Confidence in Motion’. So, with the XV having been updated with an electric lithium battery motor (located under the boot floor for overall car balance) to work with the company’s …

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Suzuki S-Cross Hybrid, take a good look.

In Car Reviews, Suzuki by Tom Scanlan

So they’re not all the same (as I had begun to think)! SUVs have for some years now been the type of vehicle that grabs the biggest chunk of the car market. Looking around inside, it happens to be a bit simpler than the other manufacturer’s two models recently tested. But then it’s a lot cheaper — at £27,549 around …

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The AUDI A1 Sportback, a Class Act

In Audi, Car Reviews by Tom Scanlan

The Audi A1 Sportback, here is a car that covers all the angles – literally: inside and out, especially inside, there’s hardly a soft curve; it’s a study in angular shapes. Of course, with Audi and all so-called ‘premium’ marques, you can expect, and you get, top-quality performance, at a price…twas always thus, wasn’t it? Not that ‘lesser’ makes aren’t …

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The All-New Corsa from Vauxhall, a very good car indeed

In Car Reviews, Vauxhall by Tom Scanlan

They seek perfection, but that’s well-nigh impossible when compromises have to be made. But Vauxhall’s All-New Corsa has got pretty close! And I have changed my mind about 3-cylinder engines. The Corsa’s 1.2 was the 100PS version: particularly quiet on tick-over and enjoyably growly as the revs build up…at which point, from 2000 rpm upwards, the performance is vivacious. The …