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Maserati Levante Trofeo SUV, because it’s worth it

In Car Reviews, Maserati, SUV by Tom Scanlan

An Experience, with a capital E, that’s Maserati for you. The almighty Levante Trofeo Edition is the ultimate. Consequently, there’s no point in suggesting to a would-be Maser purchaser that they could get a similar car for half the price. No, that’s not what the Levante Trofeo is about. What it IS about is the way it performs and the …

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Suzuki Vitara Full Hybrid 2022 reviewed

In Car Reviews, Hybrid, Suzuki by Tom Scanlan

Suzuki takes pride in saying that every model in their line-up is some sort of hybrid. Now, the Vitara Full Hybrid joins the range Suzuki also tells us that, comparing the Vitara to the twenty-three cars that are in the same compact SUV segment, its cars have the fullest list of equipment and features that are provided as standard. Their …

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The Kia EV6 ‘Air’ RWD…can EVs get any better?

In Car Reviews, Electric, Electric cars, Kia by Tom Scanlan

No great surprise that the brilliant Kia EV6, for many journalists, became the Car of the Year. Yes, EVs are very simple to drive: press the ready button, select D for drive, press the accelerator and you’re silently underway, very quickly too if that is your driving style. In the EV6, the paddles behind the steering wheel allow a choice …

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The Genesis GV70 SUV, almost has it all

In Car Reviews, Genesis by Tom Scanlan

‘It’s got everything you want and more!’ The Genesis GV70 (which, starting at £39,450, is the Korean marques’ leading seller) is a mid-size SUV that attracts the eye both outside and in its interior. Particularly in the spacious cabin, there are so many touches that illustrate what can be achieved by, well, artists of design. My favourites are the door …

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Ford Focus ST – Have fun and you will!

In Car Reviews by Tom Scanlan

Ford does it so well! and the Focus ST just raises the bar. Yes, 280 bhp from the 2.3-litre, four pot is the start-point for a study of the Focus’ potential…it’s obviously going to be a real goer! But, less easy to assimilate, perhaps, is how it will feel inside the car and out on the road. Here’s the answer: …

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Just Launched – All-New Kia Sportage, better than ever

In Car Reviews, Hybrid, Kia by Tom Scanlan

Which one of the All-New Kia Sportage would you go for? At first site it does seem obviously bigger…30 millimetres, in fact…and, on first impressions, even better in many ways. The last model, sold well, these latest Hybrid versions can only bring more potential with new customers moving towards electrification. I first drove the 1.6T-GDi ‘GT-line S’ 48V DCT AWD …

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Winning EVs from BMW, the iX and i4

In BMW, Car Reviews, Electric, Electric cars by Tom Scanlan

Humans at BMW have put a certain amount of A.I. into their new iX and i4 EVs. A decent drive in rather lousy weather of forty-five miles through suburbs, villages and country roads and motorways in the iX SUV, followed by the same route in the handsome i4 coupe (loving the grey colour!) provided plenty of evidence to pronounce each …

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The Ford Puma ST, mean, green and delightfully quick

In Car Reviews, Ford by Tom Scanlan

ST = Ford Performance = fun, fun, fun? …Almost! No, not some sort of exhaust-enhancer, but a deep extra load space in the boot that even has a drain hole for all the muddy wetness that you’ve washed off your hiking boots. Now THAT’s useful and cool! Now back to the real fun bit. The compact 3-cylinder 1.5-litre engine delivers …

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Maserati Ghibli Trofeo, an unmissable V8

In Car Reviews, Maserati, Speed, Supercars by Tom Scanlan

Where do the superlatives begin? Maserati owners are perhaps a different breed to other supercar people. I mean, why didn’t they buy a Ferrari, or Lamborghini or AMG Mercedes or McLaren, Porsche, or so on? Then refine it to a four-door saloon, in this case, Maserati’s Ghibli Trofeo. But comparisons, they say, are odious and so here, simply, are a …

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Kia EV6 GT-Line 77.4kWh – A pleasure to drive

In Car Reviews, Electric, Electric cars, Kia by Tom Scanlan

The Kia EV6 proves that electric cars are just getting better and better; still, a pity the UK’s charging infrastructure isn’t keeping up! So: ‘range anxiety, the other bugbear — compared with the competition, is I am glad to say, significantly eliminated in the Kia EV6 range. My 95-mile drive in a mid-range GT-line rear-wheel-drive version (£43,945) started off with …