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Cupra Formentor V1 150PS, a sporty SUV

In Car Reviews, Cupra, Seat by Tom Scanlan

Shut up! Please don’t say it! The Cupra Formentor is not a SEAT! So, actually, not a coincidence, just the fact that the Formentor (the start-off car in the Cupra story) is a Cupra, not a sporty SUV by SEAT. As it happens, the Cupra Formentor is not un-sporty. To drive, it is on a par with anything in its …

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Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce, true love

In Alfa Romeo, Car Reviews by Tom Scanlan

URGENT MESSAGE! If you haven’t driven an Alfa Romeo before, read on… The Veloce, visually-distinguished from other Giulias by its black badging and window-surrounds, is the most exotic (the Giulia QV and GTA are different kettles of fish). After all, – a) it’s Italian and b) compared to the competition, few are sold. That means a lot of drivers are …

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Welcome to the Mazda MX-30, our first impressions of the electric SUV

In Car Reviews, Electric cars, Mazda by Tom Scanlan

SUVs are the way ahead and have been for some time; similarly, EVs are powering forward and will become more and more available over the coming years. So called ‘range anxiety’, when the driver is worried whether or not the car can be re-charged before the journey comes to an untimely end, is what the industry is grappling with. The …

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The latest Volkswagen Golf eTSI 150 PS DSG Style

In Car Reviews, Hybrid, Volkswagen by Tom Scanlan

There’s a vast Gulf (German for Golf) between the VW Golf Mark 1 and the current Golf (number eight and now 47 years later). This is noted because it can be said that the more new technical stuff you buy into, the more there is to go wrong. More of that later. It must be challenging for car designers to …

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Mazda6 Tourer 2.5 GT Sport Nav Auto, a real looker

In Car Reviews, Mazda by Tom Scanlan

Something of a rarity these days are 2.5-litre 4-cylinder engines. So, what was it like in the Mazda6 194PS GT Sport Nav? Not that it’s hugely fast, with zero-to-sixty-two mph in 8.1 seconds…but that’s undoubtedly quick enough for everyday performance for most drivers. The automatic six-speed gearbox gave smooth changes. The car is also equipped with a ‘sport’ mode operated …

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BMW 530d Touring xDrive MSport, one of the greats

In BMW, Car Reviews by Tom Scanlan

What is the criteria for a ‘great’ car? How many ‘great’ cars are there? Trying very hard to find the slightest fault was an uphill battle; the over-the-shoulder rear view wasn’t great; starting from a standstill was ever-so-slightly juddery, as though the car had settled a bit on its haunches; and, and as far as I could make out, the …

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BMW 420d M Sport Coupé, a great deal of car

In BMW, Car Reviews by Tom Scanlan

Diesels…naah! Ever since our dear government politicised them several years back, I admit to an antipathy towards them. But then along comes a car like BMW’s 4-cylinder 1997cc oil burner (and, of course, diesel engines in all the other manufacturers’ cars) and I am backed into my corner with my hands in the air saying, ‘OK, alright, I’m wrong!’ So, …

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Audi A3 Saloon 35TFSI 150PS S line Reviewed

In Audi, Car Reviews by Tom Scanlan

You can almost take for granted that your Audi will be a handsome, well-built, well-equipped, technologically up-to-date, almost faultless vehicle. Yes, ’enjoyable’ when I consider back on 360 miles in all sorts of traffic and road conditions. However, there were occasions when, in the words of the wonderful P.G.Wodehouse’s character, Bertie Wooster, I found myself ‘if not disgruntled…far from being …

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Peugeot 2008 1.2 GT Line, it’s a winner

In Car Reviews, Peugeot by Tom Scanlan

By the end of my week with the Peugeot 2008 and about three hundred and fifty miles, this French car had firmly become ‘mon ami!’ Or, as it’s built in Spain, ‘mi amigo!’ Because, provided a price of as much as £28,000 for a B-segment crossover SUV is acceptable and manageable, New 2008 owners will not be disappointed. As ever, …

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The Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace, is quite satisfying

In Car Reviews, Volkswagen by Tom Scanlan

Throughout my week in the VolkswagenTiguan Allspace, I had the Lane Assist activated. So, yes, there I was, accepting this gently autonomous feature. At times, it may have been the changes in the road surface that moved the front wheels that moved the steering wheel; otherwise, it was definitely Volkswagen’s Lane Assist. Does this mean that I am no longer …